Player Career comes with a new personality system that lets you play, with the most dramatic air quotes FIFA 23 coins, play the role of your preferred footballer. My experience was that it amounted to earning 25 "MaverickPoints to purchase a 'High-end Hybrid Mattress' for a Serbian striker in the K-League and you can imagine how long I stuck with that.

It's now possible to select a real manager (or Ted Lasso, however real you think he might become) for your character a Manager Career too, but unless you're looking to play as Jason Sudekis, a mute Jason or dress Eddie Howe in a lovely sweater vest, there's nothing much to do beyond gawp at the awkward cutscenes. The time and effort spent on making the decision to import AFC Richmond for its brief entertainment value could have been better used on, including, for instance, the inclusion of Women's Club Football into Career Mode and yet it's not in the game. This is unfortunate as the women's game is a compelling example of the potential of EA's HyperMotion motion-capture technology. It offers authentic animations that dial up the immersive tension.

The most supremely confident center half in football in the last decade, and it's not all that far. Liverpool has made the top, most canny signing of their recent history by acquiring Virgil for a relatively low cost from Southampton many years ago. In the air, almost unbeatable, and hugely composed on the ball up to specific William Saliba this season, VVD has set the standard for all EPL defensive players.

A revolutionary central defensive signing to the already fantastic Man City, Dias is one of the more composed centre-backs to ever grace the English Premier League. Similar to the real world, Dias is incredibly assured on football in FIFA 23. His passing stats are also at an all-time high that makes him nearly as much of a Kevin De Bryune as he is a Tony Adams or John Terry buy FUT 23 coins.