The common 7/8'' Coaxial Cable is the plastic and rubber insulation sheath in Coaxial cable Coaxial. These data are common engineering data with abundant sources and could meet a wide range of consumption with relatively low cost. However, in some special industries such as petrochemical, steel, aerospace, shipbuilding, military, pharmaceutical, food, plastic machinery, boiler and other heat-related industries, the Coaxial Cable can withstand a high temperature of 7/8 "Coaxial Cable. Ordinary 7/8" Coaxial cable clearly cannot be used. The high-temperature resistant 7/8 "Coaxial Cable is needed to coaxial cable to coaxial the safe operation of its power and signals.

With the rapid development of our country economy, the demand for high temperature cable in special industry has shown high speed growth of step break, heat and high temperature cable grow at the speed of 20% every year, high temperature cable as the important part of special cable, has strong life, demand exceeds supply, our country every year imports about 2 billion yuan from foreign countries for domestic establishment.

The common 7/8 "" Coaxial Cable insulation and sheath are of common engineering rubber and plastic the base resin, but the request is of insulation grade. Common cable rubber materials are: butyl rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, natural rubber and chlorosulfonated polyethylene, etc., the working temperature is (60 ~ 75) ℃; Common cable plastic materials are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene (including crosslinked polyethylene) and polypropylene, and the working temperature is (70 ~ 90) ℃. It can be seen that these cables are not heat or high temperature cables in the strict sense.

7/8'' Coaxial Cable