Paediatric Ophthalmology is a branch of eye care that deals with children’s eye health. Children’s eye care is something that every parent needs to be very attentive to. Since children can not communicate well what’s going wrong with their bodies, often serious issues might go unnoticed if the parents are not careful enough. So here in this blog, we are going to share some must-know facts for parents about paediatric refractive errors. Keep on reading. 

What is paediatric refractive error?

For any person to see clearly, the light that penetrates the eye must properly focus on the backside of the eye that is made of light-sensitive cells. The lens and the cornea play a crucial part in focusing light rays on the retina. So when the light does not properly focus on the retina, there occurs the refractive error in the eye. And if this condition appears in a child, it is called Paediatric Refractive Errors. 

How many types of refractive errors are found in children?

There are mainly three types of refractive errors in children and these are: 

  1. Myopia

Myopia or nearsightedness is a condition where objects that are placed in a distance look out of focus or blurry. It is the most general type of refractive error that occurs in children. Although cloudy distant vision is the primary sign of myopia, children can not understand the difference and communicate about the discomfort. 

Sometimes, you must have noticed that your child watches TV sitting too close to it. Or maybe he/she holds the book close up to the face. So these can be the signs that he/she is having problems with seeing nearby objects. Also, notice if your child is suddenly losing interest in sports that need good eyesight. 

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  1. Hyperopia

Hyperopia or farsightedness occurs when objects placed close to the eye become out of focus or look blurry. In children, this type of error is very common. Some of the key signs of hyperopia in kids are eye strain, headaches, eye tiredness etc. Some other signs include eye rubbing, difficulty in reading, squinting etc. 

  1. Astigmatism 

When a child has challenges in seeing both near and distant objects, it is called astigmatism. Mostly this condition appears in childhood, although there is a possibility that it can occur in adulthood as well. However, some signs of astigmatism in children include headaches, eye strain, eye fatigue etc. 

What are the causes of refractive errors in your child’s eye?

The causes of refractive errors in children vary from person to person. Generally, Myopia appears when there is very strong refractive power in the eye. Another cause of the same can be the longer length of the eyeball axis as well. 

Hyperopia is the cause when there is a short length of the eyeball axis. Also, when the eyeball has poor refractive power or when there is an abnormal curvature of the cornea, hyperopia can also occur. Sometimes, refractive errors can also run in the family. Visit the top squint specialist in Mumbai if you see your child has a squint eye or any other refractive errors in the eye. 

Refractive error treatment procedures

The child eye specialist often prescribed contact lenses or eyeglasses to correct refractive errors in a child’s eye. For younger children, prescription eyeglasses can correct eyesight. 

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