Is it annoying how Roku gives no clear way to avoid putting in some sort of payment method? Like you have bought Roku product already and registration process requires credit card Information again.


If you wish to avoid hassles registering your Roku account here are the answer you are looking for…


We are here to help you out whether you just cut the cord or you're thinking about cutting the cord or maybe you've been a cord cutter for years we're here to help you out with reviews advice and easy to understand and follow how to's like this one:


We're going to help you set up your very first Roku. We're going to show you step by step how to set up a Roku and how to do it with no credit card. If you set up the normal way, it's going to ask you for credit card information. A lot of people get scammed when they go to the wrong website because they're off by one letter or just a tiny bit and they end up getting scammed with charges added to the bill. Then there are people who


Call in to set it up that way and they call the wrong number, they're off by one digit or something and they too are getting scammed. So, if we do it this way with no credit card you're not going to get scammed.


So let's get right into it let's set up this Roku now the first thing we want to do is click language and set it to your preference.  Now your screen is going to look for internet. Go ahead and choose the one with your active network. Put in your login credentials


Wait for connection. Now go ahead and click auto detect display type. You will find Roku express which is the entry level Roku app. It's reasonable priced and its 1080p. Go ahead and choose that, click on ok go to automatic. Now you will see prompts if the screen looks good.  This is where you will switch to a different website so you can put in the information without a credit card but if you're going to use a credit card go ahead and go to link and enter that code.  Go ahead and use that code, if you are going to a different website so that you can register without a credit card start a chrome browser window.


Now go ahead and put your information in, click yes you agree and if you want you can uncheck the e-mail me the product tips and etc.  Some of us don’t mind getting that to see if they have any extra deals. Continue with next screen to set up a pin. You always want to require a pin in case somebody tries to order something you really don't have to worry about it if you went to the no credit card information way. But if you did use the regular way you could choose whether you want to require a pin or not.




Now you want to link a device so the code that is showing up on screen is you want to put that in and by the way you want to put in your own code you don't want to put this one in. It's not going to help you.




So go ahead and submit name your device, express is fine. Read and agree, scroll all the way down and hit close on that screen prompt. Continue to screen asking if you pay for cable or satellite TV. For those who have completely cut the cord for years just put “no”,  but you put down whatever you have maybe you are paying for cable or satellite at the moment or you're thinking about quitting soon and if you don't have cable or satellite just click the bottom with “no”




Now it's going to ask you what services you currently have.  For e.g. Netflix prime, Pandora, Sling. Click what is applicable and then continue. Check the applicable box for interest..



 What are your interests - yes I like free movies and TV

 I also like news and weather music sports , reality

 I like local news etc, put in whatever you like



And then hit continue. You can always change this a little bit later even add more channels if you want. You can subscribe to stuff that is free. Go ahead and add like voodoo Disney, boomerang for kids, choose whichever ones you like.


 Now go ahead and click continue and you can start some free trials.



Once done, click to continue to set up the Roku app. It comes in handy you can use this


As a remote you can use your smart-phone as a remote. Once it has installed click open to easily access your device. You can also plug in your headphones to your phone and then listen that way if you don't want to disturb other people around you.




Now go ahead and click next on the screen to see all your devices got the Roku app. You are set up on the phone.  Go back to your screen on TV the channels are updating. So you know you are almost done. It's just going to be a couple more minutes and it’s all done.  That's how easy it is to set up your Roku step by step and you are all set with our Roku.


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