In Ark: Survival Evolved, it's normal to want to venture to a different server to see what it offers. For new players, Sell ARK Dinos from can help you save more time to play the game. But, survivors can only exist on a single server at a period, so that you must transfer their data. However, be sure you pay close attention to your servers the place that the survivors sit, so as not to ever lose them forever.

Look for the obelisk or beacon
The 1st step is to find an obelisk or maybe a beacon, which is seen as a luminous light that shoots in the sky. If you plan to go back to a certain server, I suggest you use an obelisk to make a bed or sleeping bag near to it to enable you can access it faster next time. Compared with a beam of light, they are seen as a rock flying full of the sky.

Interact with Tribute Terminal
When you make it to the obelisk or beacon, you will observe something called Tribute Terminal. You need to get connected to this to drag up the menu, which's easy to recognize even for beginners. It was crystal-shaped, protruding from your ground for the vicinity of the survivor's buttocks.
Click to upload survivor
After bringing the menu to the Tribute Terminal, you'll see several options. If you want to transfer survivor data, then you will want to select the Upload Survivor button within the middle of the screen.

Transfer tame
You can transfer tamed creatures by clicking the Creatures tab at the top of the screen. Then the tab will display your and uploaded creatures.

You desire to click one in the tamed from the Currently tamed creatures section, and then click on the dinosaur footprint within the upper right corner to upload its data. However, please make sure you clear their inventory before uploading, because once they may be moved to a new part, they will all be lost, additionally, on some servers, the creatures you tamed will expire after a certain period.
Transfer items
When you desire to transfer items, you need to click on the Ark Data tab around the far left. Then, you'll be able to move up to 50 items to the next server. You should remember that not all items could be transferred, for instance, boss heads, certain tributes, and elements, etc.

Join a new server
The last step should be to join a new server, but one tip is always to make sure not to ever respawn your role inside the current server. Players can buy ARK Tek Items when they transfer to the next server. You are about to revisit the main menu, choose a server, and it will take out the survivors you uploaded, or you have to click on download survivors inside the lower right corner on the screen.