Keeping this distinctive playoff air in mind, the reasoning behind SpongeBob's look in Madden 22 mut coins seems obvious. Rather than simply giving among 2020's most disappointing matches another chance at life through a quirky SpongeBob cameo, the soccer sim is being used as another way to hype up this weekend's important playoff conflict on Nickelodeon. With similar things being done via weekly battles in Madden's Ultimate Team manner, the main draw of this series, the thought process becomes even more understandable.

While the reasoning behind the crossover can be figured out, narrowing down everything will actually be viewed in the special material is a bit more challenging. Though the NFL has functioned with Fortnite along with other well-known games in the past, bringing group logos and memorabilia to the match, having articles not related to Soccer within a Madden game is relatively unheard of. Nonetheless, there are a few possibilities that instantly jump out to SpongeBob content.

For starters, Madden NFL 21 stadiums could be packaged with crowds in SpongeBob shirts. Trainers can be set in mascot-like costumes, mimicking older characters with aggressive characters such as Mr. Krabs and Squidward. A humorous redesign of participant helmets could take place, together with NFL stars viewing their protective gear replaced by SpongeBob's Karate helmet. Jellyfishes or even Gary the Snail can be tossed around rather than a pigskin, whereas popular music from the SpongeBob SquarePants show and movies can be utilised in the menus of Buy mut coins madden 22.