Dynamax mechanic is banned from participating in the next season's sword and shield rankings. As the core combat mechanism of swords and shields, players will not be able to use them in the game. But players still can buy Shiny Pokemon to play the game. This actually subverts the metadata of the game and forces players to change their minds and find new strategies.

Series 10 will cancel the option of Dynamaxing. In the currently ongoing Series 9 competition, players are allowed to use one Pokemon in the restricted Pokemon list for each team. But excluding mythical Pokemon like Mew and Melmetal, they are still banned.

Series 10 will be held from August 1st to October 31st and includes multiple Plays! Pokemon events. Global exhibition events to be held in October, including the 2021 Pokemon Japan Championship, the 4th Players Cup, and the 2021 Korea Pokemon Trainer Club Competition's best players.

Players will use their skills in swords and shields to enjoy the excitement of the game. If you are just a casual player and want to feel the passion of the arena, you may come to PKMBuy to buy shiny Pokemon, and you can also experience the best game fun with the least amount of time.