The Steam platform is a multifunctional comprehensive platform. In the process of playing the game, in addition to basic battles, players are most concerned about steam account upgrades, card synthesis, and medal synthesis. Today's article will focus on sharing the card synthesis process. If you are very concerned about the steam account, then the synthetic card guide will be important to you. If you think the amount of steam is not important to you, then the synthetic card is completely useless for you.

The most direct function of synthetic cards can be to upgrade your steam account. By playing games on Steam, you can get a set of cards to upgrade your steam level through the dropped cards. As the steam level increases, players can also synthesize badges, which are signs of victory. You can see how many badges a player has in combat ability. The more badges in the player account, the higher the player's level and the stronger the combat effectiveness. Some players will use the Steam Level Up released by for quick upgrades, which is also a good way. How to check how many drops my game has dropped! On our badge page on steam. Choose a game badge to view the set of cards, including the acquired and unacquired cards that can be seen, at a glance.

The steam card is invisible and intangible. It is a virtual card and an exclusive card in the game. This card can only be obtained by playing games on Steam. When a game card drops, only half of it will be dropped. For example, there are a total of 8 trading cards that can be dropped in this game. Then you can only drop 4 cards when you play this game. After 4 cards are dropped, no more cards will be dropped no matter how long you play. The card falling time is not fixed.

If you want to get trading cards, how to do it? The answer is simple,  Players, please note that this is subject to certain conditions, and it can only be achieved by looking for games with card drops. Not all games will drop cards. If you choose a game that does not drop cards, you cannot collect cards. The phenomenon of not receiving cards exists. Players can directly buy Steam Level Up. There will be a drop limit for cards in each game, and no more cards will be dropped after the limit is reached, which has nothing to do with existing cards.

Find a game that will drop cards so that you can proceed to the next step. During the game, you will receive randomly dropped trading cards and automatically send them to the inventory. How long does it take to play the game before any cards are dropped? This is uncertain, but the approximate time will generally fall within 4 hours. Some may take longer.