Among the modifications in the upcoming launch of ISO 14001:2015 certification in Qatar are the necessities for documented information, however what does this imply for your corporation and the way they deal with files and records? Are your documented processes now obsolete? Do the new necessities demand that you get rid of them? What about your archives and the controls you have in location to hold them invulnerable and legible? The accurate information is that the adjustments are now not being made simply for the sake of change, and they are no longer meant to motivate greater work to replace your gadget to be capable of complying with new rules. The new necessities supply you some greater leeway in what wants to be documented in your Environmental Management System (EMS), however first – what is the definition of documented information?

What does ISO 14001:2015 suggest by using documented information?

In the ISO 14001:2015 in Iraq drafts, the time period “documented information” is intended to describe any significant information that is required to be managed and maintained by means of the organization, and the medium on which it is contained. Documented records can refer to the Environmental Management System and its processes, documentation, and records. So, in brief, it consists of something that you require to be recorded to make certain your EMS features good and that you can display that this is the case.

In area 7.5 of the draft standard, the necessities for documented records are captured, and they are pretty basic. Your EMS desires to file the facts that are required by means of the ISO 14001 Certification in Philippines standard, and the records that your employer has decided are fundamental for the effectiveness of your EMS. This fact is anticipated to be tailor-made to your company, due to the fact it is cited that the extent of the documented records can fluctuate due to the measurement of the organization, the complexity of the organization, and the competence of the people.

Lastly, there are necessities for the manager of documented information, especially how:

  •         it is available and suitable for use,
  •         it is effectively protected,
  •         it is allotted applicably, and
  •         access, retrieval, use, storage, and maintenance are controlled.

Finally, there wants to be a manager of changes, retention of documented information, and disposition when these archives are eliminated from use. If you look closely, you will see that these necessities are very much the identical as these already in vicinity for documented strategies and records, solely merged into one set of requirements.

So, what do you want to trade to comply with the new requirements?

Many human beings make the mistake of altering the definitions that they use in their administration gadget to shape these in the standard, when this is now not a requirement. The general is no longer there to dictate what you will name something, or even how you will quantity any files that are in your gadget (matching the file numbers in the EMS to the ISO 14001 in Lebanon widespread is additionally something human beings now and again do unnecessarily). If you choose to proceed to use the phrases “procedure” and “record” due to the fact this is what the humans in your enterprise understand, then go ahead. The necessities of the ISO 14001 popularity are there to supply you with a framework to construct an Environmental Management System that works the best for your agency in your effort to meet felony necessities and enhance your environmental performance.

So, if you see an advantage in changing some of your present day procedures, or merging your two processes for files and records, due to the fact it is less difficult – then do so. However, ISO 14001 certification in Chennai if the strategies you have in the area are working for you, then don’t trade them simply for the sake of change. While the cause of an EMS is to create upgrades in your company, and all enchantment requires alternate – no longer all adjustments are improvements. Make the modifications that assist you improve, and depart the matters that are already working well. In this way, you get the advantages that you desire from your Environmental Management System.

Our Advice: go for it!!!!

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