1) Easy to use

a, according to the needs, design suitable loading and unloading style load, to meet a variety of use occasions;

b, Dummy Load N-Female After the power cable is connected, the device can be used after being powered on.

2) Flexible loading

a. Select the maximum power of a single Dummy Load N-Female as required.

b. On single Dummy Load N-Female, there is a multiway switch for separate power Settings. When in use, can be added or reduced at any time, adjust to any load running state;

c, can easily adjust to three-phase load balance, reduce power loss.

3) Instantaneous power failure and power-on have no adverse effects

Since Dummy Load N-Female is composed of pure resistance, harmonic pollution and reactive power will not be generated.

4) Good heat dissipation function

Dummy Load N-Female has a good heat dissipation design, from the fan to the heat dissipation window, follow the best heat dissipation concept.

Dummy Load N-Female https://www.cenrf.com/Dummy-Load-100W-DC-3GHz-N-Female.html