Walkie-talkie for SRRC certification

The walkie-talkie is very convenient to use in some specific places. After all, it can realize point-to-multipoint and long-distance communication without generating call charges. At the same time, it can also realize point-to-multipoint and long-distance communication, and realize one-call Instant free intercom and command dispatch are widely used in enterprises, institutions and individuals. However, walkie-talkies transmit signals through radio waves, and radio waves are also called: air and land resources, which belong to the state's property. Therefore, when we buy a walkie-talkie, we must check whether it has a legal license. If not, it must be used illegally. Yes, we can protect national spectrum resources in accordance with the law and maintain the order of airwaves.


The relevant state departments stipulate that the frequency of walkie-talkies sold in the market should be between 150~174MHz and 400~430MHz. In addition, there are two ways to use walkie-talkies, one is micro-power, that is, micro-power radio transmitting equipment with a transmission power below 100 milliwatts and public walkie-talkies with a transmission power less than or equal to 0.5 watts. Go through the relevant procedures. However, when using other walkie-talkies, you should go to the radio management department to apply for frequency procedures, and you can only purchase and use them after receiving a legal frequency.


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For civil walkie-talkies, units and individuals need to apply to the Radio Management Office, use the civil frequency band planned by the Radio Management Office after approval, and use the radio walkie-talkie to make calls after paying a certain amount of frequency resource occupation fee for each walkie-talkie every year is legal. If you do not apply for the relevant certificates in accordance with the above regulations. shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility.


SRRC certification of walkie-talkies is issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. Only stations that meet the national standards will have it. The approval code should be printed on the back panel of the machine when leaving the factory. If there is no approval code, this station will not pass the Military Commission inspection machine.


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In addition, the use of walkie-talkies can also be divided into explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof mine walkie-talkies for underground use in terms of specific functions. The corresponding explosion-proof certification and coal safety certification are all certifications that manufacturers need. Of course, if you buy a walkie-talkie personally, you generally don't go to the radio to apply, because the General Armed Forces Committee doesn't care about these things.


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