Smartphone application for SRRC certification

Introduction to SRRC and CMIIT ID, smartwatch SRRC is the State Radio Regulatory Commission of the People's Republic of China, a subsidiary institution of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China.


CMIIT ID is the type of approval code for radio transmission equipment. The CMIIT ID of the product is a certificate of approval for sale approved by SRRC after passing the test according to the national standard. Only radio transmission equipment with the type approval code of my country's radio transmission equipment can be sold in my country. For the sales and use of radio transmission equipment, according to the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Radio Management" and relevant documents for model approval, the production and import of radio transmission equipment need to undergo model approval for its emission characteristics, and a "radio transmission equipment model approval certificate" is issued. And the model approval code, the model approval code must be marked on the label of the factory equipment.


What does a CMIIT ID mean?


NETGEAR Wireless Network Security Leader Resolves SRRC and CMIIT IDs


CMIIT ID identification


Teach everyone how to look at this number (note that C and P should be marked in red), NETGEAR wireless network security leader analyzes SRRC and CMIIT ID.


ZHONGREN detection


3-5 samples


The sponsor submits the original or photocopy "Application Form for Approval of Radio Transmission Equipment Model" and "Registration Form for Equipment Testing Information" that have been completed and stamped with the official seal of the applicant unit (equipment manufacturer); if there is an agent applicant, the "Approval Power of Attorney for Radio Transmission Equipment Model"


1. Submit a copy of the "Business License of Enterprise Legal Person" of the applicant unit (including the agent applicant unit).


2. Submit the technical specification (including software and hardware version numbers) and user manual of the bid equipment model;


3. Submit the circuit diagram and block diagram of the equipment under test.


4. Submit three sets of colour photos printed on A4 paper or an electronic version. The photos should include:


5. Follow SRRC as a whole to find ZHONGREN detection;


ZHONGREN detection


6. Front view;


7. Side view (including launch port, interface and other parts);


8. Rear photo (including launch port, interface and other parts);


Photo of the internal circuit board of the tested equipment


The nameplate (label) of the inspected equipment; the nameplate (label) should clearly show the equipment model, the applicant (equipment manufacturer), the equipment serial number and the approval code CMIIT ID:, and the lower part of the appearance of the photo should also indicate the inspection The structure size of the equipment


ZHONGREN is a comprehensive third-party organization specializing in testing, certification and technical services. It is committed to providing enterprises with One-stop domestic and foreign certification services. It has obtained the accreditation of China's CNAS National Laboratory and thus obtained the International Laboratory Accreditation Organization (ILAC) accreditation.