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Instructor Razuvious would be the first boss with the Military Quarter in Naxxramas. He is a stern and uncompromising teacher and trainer for the very best Death Knights the Scourge offers.

“Pay attention. This is Instructor Razuvious, Kel’Thuzad’s appointed trainer of death knights. It is said that his or her own technique is so potent, simply a disciple of his might actually withstand his might.” –Commander Eligor Dawnbringer

This guide will offer you a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on the way to use Instructor Razuvious’ biggest strength, his students, against him.


Instructor Razuvious

Razuvious main ability, Unbalancing StrikeUnbalancing Strike isn't intended to be tanked by players, instead, it can be expected to be tanked using a Death Knight Understudy which is Mind ControlMind Controlled. Jagged KnifeJagged Knife and Disrupting ShoutDisrupting Shout could be the main options for damage to players inside the raid.

The Pull

Your main-tank should utilize a ranged ability, for instance Heroic Throw to get the Understudies coming from a distance. This will aggro all, but Instructor Razuvious will always be behind for some seconds giving his students their orders. These precious seconds must be used for your Priests to Mind ControlMind Control their Understudies, that should then be familiar with TauntTaunt Instructor Razuvious.

The Fight

The majority from the fights mechanics are dealt with because of the Priests as well as their Death Knight Understudy. These Priests will likely need to coordinate taunt swaps anytime Bone BarrierBone Barrier is getting ready to fall off. Tanking Razuvious without Bone BarrierBone Barrier active is bound death, but you do have backup Understudies if things go very wrong. While you’re Mind ControlMind Controlling, simply spam Blood StrikeBlood Strike on cooldown.

Healers will need to focus on four different areas. Some will likely need to prioritize the tanking Death Knight Understudy, it doesn't survive without healing. At least one healer really should be dedicated to looking after people hit by Jagged KnifeJagged Knife, making sure that they do not die for the damage-over-time effect. Your other healers must focus on keeping the main-tank alive since they tank the Understudies which are not currently Mind ControlMind Controlled, together with keeping everyone healthy between Disrupting ShoutDisrupting Shout casts.

When Razuvious dies, his Understudies will end up Hopeless, taking 5000% increased damage from all of sources, which makes them very quick and to clean up.

Here are some in the main stuff that can typically fail in this fight:

A Death Knight Understudy breaks Mind ControlMind Control prematurely, aggroing onto a Priest and potentially killing them

Someone gets aggro on Razuvious, being quickly killed and creating chaos as the Priests try and reestablish their TauntTaunt rotation

The target of Jagged KnifeJagged Knife won't receive enough healing and dies to your damage-over-time

The tanking Death Knight Understudy isn't going to receive enough healing and dies

The healers neglect to keep up with Disrupting ShoutDisrupting Shout and players slowly die to AoE damage

As long since your Priests manage their new role as tanks effectively, this fight really is easy. No pressure!

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