It is a sacred trinity game, but for aion classic kinah buying pve anyway, you do not require a perfect group for many (any?) Of the material. You are able to get by most stuff without a tank for example. Class specialty resembles, you start as a"priest" or something, then concentrate at level 10 to cleric or chanter. Cleric is the main healing course, chanter is a buffer/support/heals hybrid, but honestly a fantastic chanter can cure most any of the content, with clerics being the much superior healer. Chanters are still great for their buffs though-a chanter will bring more dps into some group if you factor in his fans, than another dps personality.

Nothing wrong with all the images. They are way better than wow. Aion and tera had the best images whenever they came out. Also aion includes a lot of small details based on the weather and temperature which no additional mmo has.

I'll be right up with you, there isn't much pve content, and what is there isn't good, more of an afterthought. You play with Aion for Abyss pvp, sieges, rifts, dregion, and also the pvp while levelling is a number of the most fun of almost any sport. It's a grind, but classic includes a much reduced grind compared to launch. I love Warhammer also, the games have been content wise.

AION has generally been commended as having the very best PvP from almost any tab targetting MMO. The combat feels fucking amazing and there are many things in the game that facilitate PvP, such as Rifts (where you can go into the enemy faction's land ) and amazing Sieges.

I played both, admittedly wayyyy longer at DAoC and it was the only sport possibly bar Warhammer which came close to DAoC PvP, just frontier design areas which is open PvP. Shame there are no EU servers or would give it another go.

I'm a huge DAOC and Warhammer enthusiast, also Aion is the only game that comes close to people in terms of your options for PVP. You might discover that combat is actually much better in Aion.

Fans of the sport at start will flood the servers, in actuality, I guarantee they have at least one more server to spin on launch day. Wow classic is for peasants.

Nitpicking, but he is referring to the way the open world zones are instanced and you can't just walk from 1 zone to another but need to fly, teleport, or use a portal site. Compare that to WoW where on the continents you can walk from one to another since it's all connected.

Not whatsoever. Among those who have played both, Aion is broadly regarded as having the cheap aion classic kinah best tab target combat of any game period. This is absolutely not the first time I've seen someone make such a claim.