Recently, the ISO (International Standardization Organization) updated ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001 to make it simpler to use them together. But, how do they interact with practices in the ISO world? How to combine COSO, COBIT, and ISO 27001 certification in Qatar frameworks. This article will discuss how ISO 27001 can be used with COSO and COBIT frameworks to decrease administrative effort and amplify the advantages every of them can deliver to organizations.

What is COSO?

COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Tread Way Commission) is a joint initiative supported with the aid of 5 personal zone corporations in the United States to fight company fraud.

The COSO framework, presently in model 2013, assists management, boards of directors, and different applicable stakeholders, from greater “entity” degree to decrease “function” level, in grasping what constitutes an inside manipulate gadget and when interior management is being effective. ISO 27001 in Iraq It does so by using defining 17 manage ideas to achieve:

  •         effectiveness and effectivity of the organization’s operations
  •         reliability, timeliness, and transparency of reporting
  •         adherence to legal guidelines and regulations

The 17 control principles are divided into these components:

  •         control environment: ISO 27001 in Philippines standards, processes, and buildings for carrying out inner control
  •         risk assessment: system for figuring out and assessing dangers for the fulfillment of objectives
  •         control activities: movements to assist make certain that management’s directives are carried out
  •         information & communication: records to guide the aspects of inside manipulate and conversation to constantly provide, share, and acquire essential information
  •         monitoring activities: opinions to confirm whether or not everything and manipulate is current and functioning

To cope with the pace of commercial enterprise dynamics and the want for rapid responses, COSO emphasizes management’s judgment and frequent feel over rigorous adherence to insurance policies and tactics to make decisions. This requires from stakeholders a deep grasp of organizational context to:

  •         determine how tons manage is enough
  •         select, develop, and install controls on an everyday basis
  •         monitor and examine the effectiveness of controls

What is COBIT?

COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) is an IT administration and governance framework managed by ISACA (Information Systems ISO 27001 Audit in Lebanon and Control Association). It gives implementable controls over records technology, geared up into IT-related processes, which assist the achievement of these commercial enterprise requirements:

  •         effective use of information, thinking about relevance, time, and shipping conditions
  •         efficient allocation of resources
  •         confidentiality, to guard records in opposition to unauthorized get admission to and disclosure
  •         integrity of data content
  •         availability when demanded through business’s processes
  •         compliance with prison requirements
  •         reliability of data used to make decisions

The COBIT tactics framework, presently in its fifth version, posted in 2012, is divided into 4 domains:

  •         plan and organize: ISO 27001 certification in Chennai the use of IT to assist the organization to gain its objectives
  •         acquire and implement: the acquisition of IT solutions, their integration with enterprise processes, and the renovation required to make sure these options hold pleasant commercial enterprise needs
  •         deliver and support: center of attention on purposes execution and their consequences in a nice and environment friendly way; it additionally covers safety and coaching needs
  •         monitor and evaluate: offers assurance that IT options are accomplishing their desires and are compliant with criminal issues

For every process, COBIT defines inputs, outputs, key activities, objectives, and overall performance measures. Although COBIT has extra elements in phrases of processes, it nevertheless lacks technical important points to assist implementation.

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