How to Choose the Right Portable Solar Panel

Whether you're planning a road trip, sailing adventure, beach vacation, or camping trip, keeping electronic devices charged in remote locations can be a challenge. Solar power is a great eco-friendly option for keeping power on the go, but traditional panels are bulky and designed to stay in one place. However, there is now a plethora of portable solar panels available that are lightweight, powerful, and can withstand the elements. They're also compact enough that you can store them away for emergency power outages. We've sorted through our various products to find the best Portable Solar Panels.


power output


A: When purchasing a panel, please consider how much you will be charged to calculate the panel size you need. Smaller devices like cell phones are fine on a 15-watt panel, while larger devices like coolers need larger panels (often batteries to store energy). Wattage refers to DC maximum output under optimal conditions, but keep in mind that cloud cover will prevent it from reaching maximum output.


Portable Solar Panel


Durability-customized Portable Solar Panel


A: Since you're likely planning to take the panel with you when you travel (or at least move it around the yard), you'll want something strong, durable, and compact enough to store and transport easily. Keep in mind the type of travel you'll be doing: if you're hiking and carrying gear, the lighter the panel, the better. Heavy-duty latches, rust-resistant materials, protected glass and reinforced components are important to the longevity of the panels.


size and quality


A: Depending on your travel style and the storage space available when not in use, the size and weight of the solar panel are important factors. Many panels can be folded into easy-to-carry cases, but you may want something smaller if space is limited. While panels with nylon casings may be lighter, they may not be as durable as those with metal frames. If you just want to power your lights and don't need to charge your device, then it's best to opt for a lightweight solar-powered light.


Portable Solar Panel


Device Compatibility-Portable Solar Panel manufacturer


A: Finally, think about what you want to charge with your panel, and check that your solar panel is compatible with those devices. If not, you may need to purchase additional cables or adapters. Many of these panels are designed to be compatible with batteries and power banks made by the same manufacturer.


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