MetaMask comes up with numerous ground-breaking products and services to level up your trading game.  In this blog post, we will discuss one useful tool of MetaMask wallet- MetaMask Bridge. 
If you don’t know “what is MetaMask?” let me tell you that it is a software-based crypto wallet that supports ETH and Binance Smart Chain-based tokens as well as allows its users to explore the decentralized world by linking them with dApps. 
One more thing to note is you do not need to perform the sign-up to commence the usage of MetaMask, you can get access just by performing the MetaMask login after creating your wallet with maintaining your anonymity. If you want to opt for this wallet, you may get it as a browser extension such as MetaMask Chrome extension or in form of an application for your Android or iOS device.
Well! Let’s discuss- “How does MetaMask Bridge work?” 
A step-by-step guide to bridge your tokens through MetaMask:

  1. Ensure that you are in your account by MetaMask login with password and you have chosen the account that contains the tokens you wish to bridge.
  2. Under the "From this network" section, choose the network from which you wish to move tokens.
  3. Navigate to "You send" to provide the information for the token you wish to bridge. Tokens that you are "Able to bridge" and those that you are "Unable to bridge" are separated in the drop-down list in this field.
  4. Locate the field "To this network", and choose the network to which you wish to bridge the tokens.
  • The aggregator starts to search quotations after you provide a token and amount. When it's finished, you'll be able to view your quotation under "Recommended Bridge" below, along with how much of the token you'll get on the network after the bridge.
You may evaluate the quote by selecting the drop-down arrow in the top right corner. You can view the approximate costs and times here. To guarantee that you are receiving the most recent information, the quotation will update once per minute. After this, select "Choose a different bridge" in the top-right of the quotation field to see other quotes. To choose your preferred one, click on it. Hit the "Confirm Bridge" button after you are satisfied with the quote. This will open a popup that requests your digital signature on a message. When you follow the prompt, MetaMask will let you accomplish this.

After accomplishing the process completely, you will be able to see the tokens in the dApp where you bridge.

The Bottom Line!
Hopefully, after going through this read, now you are well-versed with the MetaMask Bridge and able to move your tokens to a decentralized app using this tool. You can easily accomplish this but make sure you have sufficient tokens in your wallet, if you don’t have them yet, first fund your wallet through MetaMask login and then proceed to begin the usage of MetaMask Bridge via Portfolio.