1. Lighting function: through accurate switching of lamps. On demand lighting, switch control street lamps. Real-time dimming. Fault monitoring. Fault location, tuya dimmable panel light inc not only saves energy but also saves maintenance cost and improves maintenance efficiency.

2. Emergency charging: Electric cars are available. Through the intelligent platform system, a variety of payment methods can be provided for battery car charging stations, which is conducive to the promotion of new energy vehicles.

3. Video surveillance: Video surveillance can be installed in any corner of the city as required, and traffic flow can be realized by loading cameras. Real-time road conditions. Violations of laws and regulations. Municipal facilities. The crowd. Parking lot. Security and other monitoring. It can cover the sky eye in the city, creating a stable and stable policing environment.

4. Communication service: WiFi network provided by smart light poles provides information highway for the promotion and application of smart cities, forming a sky network

5. Information release: Smart light poles provide municipal information through the network. Security information. Weather conditions. Road traffic and other information is fast through the platform. Real-time LED information release screen.

6. Environmental monitoring: Real-time monitoring of environmental information in every corner of the city, such as temperature, can be realized through various environmental monitoring sensors. Humidity. Wind speed. Wind direction. PM2.5. Rainfall. Water, and through the background to the relevant departments to provide data.

7, one button for help: by loading the emergency help button, you can quickly contact the police or medical personnel, in the surrounding environment in the event of an emergency, through the one button alarm function.

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