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Is Morgott's Cursed Sword good in Elden Ring? How to build around it? Below we'll examine a fantastic endgame Elden Ring dexterity arcane build for Morgott's Cursed Sword, with equipment, stats, talismans, spells, strategy, and much more.

This Elden Ring arcane dex build by KhrazeGaming relies on Morgott's Cursed Sword, and much of buffed Elden Ring items and spells are used within this build. You can switch this Curved Greatsword for some other weapons for this build. If you're looking to do a little PVPPVPPVP, you will takePVPPVPPVP; you can't take; this can be going to become one of the primary stats with this Morgott's Cursed Sword builds; another one should become dexterity; you'll need it as you get a B scaling while using the Sword as well as on top of that, that is also the stat that scales the destruction further on that weapon skills.

- Vigor 40

- Mind 23

- Endurance 32

- Strength 14

- Dexterity 63

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 15

- Arcane 40

Morgott's Cursed Sword: This build uses the Morgott's Cursed Sword because core weapon; it got an excellent buff for the unique scale in Patch 1.04; it's much faster to make use of now cover up a pretty large area after you unleash the sweep attack from it, enemies that attack you against the sides and also from the back are sure to get interrupted by the harm explosions. It is also excellent at interrupting enemies and, at last stunning them; essentially, one does the charge followed through the sweep. Lastly, you can unleash another attack, usually stunting enemies or requiring another hit before that occurs.

Dragon Communion Seal: It also is nerfed inside a recent update, using a high arcane build, nonetheless giving the top incantation scaling to ensure the incantations deal as often damage as you possibly can.

Shard of Alexander: it's pretty much the best from the slot for just about any build that utilizes weapon skills,

Fire Scorpion Charm: the skill on Morgott's Cursed Sword boasts a fire element of it; it totally the advantage of adding a Fire Scorpion Charm; the style behaves a bit like the Bloodflame Blade, so nonetheless, it qualifies as a flame type of attack. However, the weapon itself doesn't feature any fire problems,, soit gets another 12% damage boost.

Radagon's Soreseal: it significantly raises attributes and increases damage taken.

Carian Filigreed Crest: it will reduce that mana consumption by 10 for that two combos. With all the weapon skills about the Sword, you can replace that with a Lord of Blood's Exultation if you need more damage.

We're utilizing the Bloodflame Talons, and Bloodboon, which got an excellent buff in 1.04, specifically following stuns; Bloodflame Talons are much quicker to cast than while using a Sword looked after seems to stack bleed much quicker in case that is what you're looking for. The Bloodboon is lovely against large hitbox enemies; investing several fires within the ground further increases that blood buildup and helps create even more damage.

For ranged enemies or enemies that can be annoying in the distance, you can warm Flies; it is decent at creating bloodlust; just implement a Dragon Communion incantation inside the mix. It's likely to benefit the dragon communion seals, so then you can deal much more damage; you'll be able to pretty much have something you like to; a Rotten Breath could still work early in the sport, and the type of want to depend on that a bit more as well as a Borealis's Mist for implementing a small amount more frostbite into the build.

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