Are you looking to make a hundred thousand MT fast? You're lucky because I will show you three easy ways to make MT fast. These three strategies are snipe filters; I'll use them to get up to a hundred thousand MT.


Snipe Great Deals with the Amethyst Season One Filter!

First off is the Amethyst Season One filter. All you have to do is set your minimum balance to 500 and your max buyout to 5000 MT. This is because the Season One Amethyst is currently going for 7000 MT. I sniped a Hollow Grant Hill for 2500 MT, and this car typically costs 10k. This filter is great, and you should give it a try.


Snagging Great Players in Amethyst Season Two with a Budget of 20,000 MT

The next filter is Amethyst Season Two. Here, you want to set your minimum bot to 500 and your max buyout to the cheapest one, which is 28k. You don't want to go over 20,000 MT, or you won't get the best deals. I managed to snag Grant Hill, Mark Price and Dirk Nowitzki for 2500 MT.


Sniping a Bargain: My Experience with the Amethyst Season Three Filter

The last filter is the Amethyst Season Three. This one is more competitive because the cheapest Amethyst is Jamal Murray for 49,000 MT. But I managed to snipe a Jamal Murray for 4800 MT. This brought my total up to 105,000 MT.



These filters are great and can help you make MT fast. If you need MT or want to buy the best cards in my team, you can check out and use the code for a 5% discount. And if you need any grinding services, you can contact Rose Abia on Twitter.