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Retribution Paladins have received a whole rework on the spec and the Dragonflight 10.0.7 PTR. Were these changes enough to solve these Holy Avengers' glaring issues and rocky expansion launch? In time, our Retribution Paladin Writer, Bolas, breaks down every aspect of this rework, including Survivability, Mobility, Retribution Aura, Gameplay, and Talents. If you're wondering whether it is best to dust off your Retribution Paladin in 10.0.7, look no further when we talk as much as possible.

It's been 3-4 months since I last wrote a judgment piece about Ret, but fortunately, these times, I've got a much more significant positive about what you should write about. There's been a substantial rework to many Paladin trees, and the Retribution tree has had a total redesign from the ground up. There will likely be many more changes for the PTR before we view the finished version in 10.0.7, but I'll check out the significant changes we're shown to date and give my primary impression of what they'll enjoy.


This is undoubtedly where Ret has already established the most improvement, going from one of the squishiest specs to arguably one of the tackiest. Changes include:

Divine Protection is currently baseline, having a 1.30 CD (63s with Unbreakable Spirit).

Shield of Vengeance remains a talent that you will practically always take, and after this, it has a half-duration GCD. It still incorporates a 1.30 CD (63s with Unbreakable Spirit).

Aegis of Protection is additionally in the Ret tree, and you will usually not have a problem taking it. It significantly buffs both active defensives.

Sanctified Plates inside the Paladin tree offer a staggeringly massive amount of stamina and avoidance.

A plethora of brand-new healing options:

Light's Celerity makes Flash of Light an instantaneous cast and buffs its healing. It puts it on the 6s cooldown, but there is no natural situation you'll be able to spam Flash of Light for starters anyway, basically because your mana pool is just not big enough to enable you to cast it more significantly than 3 or 4 times uninterruptedly.

Guided Prayer casts a free Word of Glory once every minute if you drop to low health. It also has the advantage of Healing Hands.

Lightforged Blessing gives free AoE healing for each and every Divine Storm.

Crusader's Reprieve causes Crusader Strike to also heal you every hit.

Fading Light offers you an absorb shield based on the damage your generators do.

The new healing bonuses are excellent for a spec that has already established a history of taking extra recovery but has limited options recently. The most significant changes include the other ones. Getting to use Divine Protection and Shield of Vengeance, both on relatively short cooldowns and, moreover, to Divine Shield, is finally enough defensive cooldowns to become comparable to (or much better than) many classes. Sanctified Plates can be a great bonus since Paladin needed more stamina/passive survivability talents many other courses have within their class trees too. I've had many frustrating experiences that I'm sure are shared by most Ret players. You just need the GCDs, health pool/passive reduction, and the number of defensive cooldowns required to survive mechanics other classes have no worries about. Fortunately, I don't expect that to be an issue with these new additions; many tools and passive benefits are trivial and keep you alive in many situations.

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