Coinbase comes up with a quite useful product for trading- The Coinbase wallet. Well! “What is the usage of it” can be your next query so allow me to elaborate on it.

There is no doubt that Coinbase thrives to provide top-notch security to your account but we can’t deny the fact that no data is safe on digital platforms. Considering this, Coinbase rolled out a well-encrypted digital wallet to hold your purchased assets in a more secure manner so that you could sleep peacefully without worrying about your funds and assets.

Do you know, how can you add crypto assets to your wallet? You may be aware of a way to add crypto to your wallet if you are a long-term user, but let me tell you that you can add assets in different ways. 

Sounds Great!! Right?? So, are you excited to explore other methods? 

If YES, this read is specially crafted for you as I’ll elaborate on the different methods of adding cryptocurrencies to your Coinbase wallet. All you have to do has just come along with me without any ado.

Buy crypto assets through the Coinbase wallet

You may add crypto assets by purchasing them from Coinbase directly using Coinbase wallet, here are the steps to navigate to perform the same.

Note: Before beginning the process, make sure your Coinbase wallet is successfully connected to your Coinbase account.

    1. Firstly, select the “Buy” button in the Coinbase Wallet's “Assets” tab.
    2. Enter the desired amount after tapping the token you want to buy.
    3. Change the source of funds if necessary to reflect the payment or transfer method you want. Next, select "Preview purchase."
    4. Examine the transaction information, making sure to note, if necessary, the network (such as Ethereum, Polygon, or Optimist) to which you want to send money.
    5. Choose "Confirm" when you're ready to transfer.

Add crypto to wallet by transferring them from Coinbase

    1. Go to “Assets” and pick “Buy or transfer” and then “Buy or transfer from Coinbase”.
    2. Input the amount that you want to transfer after tapping on asset balance.
    3. After clicking on the “Continue” button, confirm your transfer by following further prompts.

Transfer crypto from another wallet to the Coinbase wallet

    1. Navigate to the assets and click the “Buy or transfer” button.
    2. After clicking the “Transfer from elsewhere”, pick up the preferred coin.
    3. Let the sender scan your QR code or click on the “Copy or share address” and share it with the sender to receive the coins.

In this way, you can add digital assets to your Coinbase wallet, to confirm whether you’ve received the assets or not, you can check the Coinbase balance of assets.

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Bottom Line!

After going through this read, you’ll be able to add crypto to your Coinbase wallet in various methods. Wrapping up this read with a piece of advice that make sure you have enough coins in your other wallet from where you want to transfelr and your Coinbase wallet supports the currency that you are transferring. Else, it may lead to permanent loss of assets.