Our Lost Ark Stone Cutting guide covers the Ability Stone system, which are powerful items that provide players with non-class-specific Combat Engravings to ensure they are more powerful.

Lost Ark includes a plethora of systems, in the main story and during the end-game, where players can upgrade their characters, increase their power, and be more generally efficient at whatever tasks they choose to take part in. Ability Stones are a major part of this that's worth learning, so check out our Lost Ark Stone Cutting guide to have an explanation of how it works.

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When you discover an Ability Stone, you will not be able to equip it before you take it to some Stone Cutter inside a city. They are denoted through the blue diamond icon in the spotlight and may be found in every major city hanging around.

Ability Stones themselves are available from a few sources, but they are mostly obtained as rewards for finishing daily or weekly activities. Here are some other causes of Ability Stones:

Abyssal Dungeons

Auction House

Chaos Dungeons

Field Bosses

Guardian Raids

Pirate Coin Exchange

It's worth noting that before beginning the process of cutting a stone, be sure you want to keep your stone, as once you begin the stone is going to be bound to you forever, meaning you can't trade it.

The rarity of the Ability Stone can also be important to the number of Engraving Points you could have in total. The more points, the stronger the Engraving, therefore it is always worthwhile to use higher-tier stones.

Here's a failure of the number of points you can put into different stones:

Rare Ability Stone - 6 points

Epic Ability Stone - 8 points

Legendary Ability Stone - 9 points

Relic Ability Stone - 10 points

As for that cutting process itself, after you have your Ability Stone and also have found the Stone Cutter you can begin. Each initial attempt for adding a point to some stone includes a 75% opportunity to succeed, and when it's successful, the rate of success of the next attempt lowers by 10%, raising by 10% should you instead fail. Each try also consumes silver.

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We suggest always concentrating on your main Ability Stone and Engravings if you have a 55% chance or more, so when it's 45% or lower, we suggest concentrating on the Malus Stat instead. This ensures you can get the strongest Engravings more consistently.

That's all for the breakdown from the Lost Ark Stone Cutting process, and you should learn how to get Ability Stones, where you can take them for cutting, and how you can make them stronger.