Genshin Impact accounts have several seasonal events that happen each and every year. One of these is the Windblume Festival, a celebration of spring. This time around, you can actually acquire a nifty claymore. Here's our Genshin Impact Windblume's Breath event help guide to help you get the Mailed Flower weapon.

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Genshin Impact - Windblume's Breath event activities

To start the Windblume's Breath event in Genshin Impact, you will have to complete the "Song of Dragon and Freedom" Archon Quest. Likewise, it's up to you if you need to do the "Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises" Archon Quest, and Albedo's Story Quest. These are optional, and you could hit the Quick Start button to skip them.

Nevertheless, the case begins with "A Gathering of Outlanders," where you'll encounter a bunch of characters. After a lengthy forward and backward, you are able to partake in three activities written by NPCs just away from Mondstadt:

Floral Pursuit - Collect stationary balloons in areas and steer clear of the moving balloons. They'll allow you to lose one life, and you will probably restart right away of the area.

Ballads of Breeze - This is a rhythm minigame place you have to press the keys on time with the notes that appear. You can tweak the alternatives to change the interface to something more suitable.

Breezy Snapshots - Use the new Windblume Kamera gadget to look at a photo within a predetermined location. You'll also meet the prerequisites (i.e., a certain character action or perhaps the time of day).

The Mailed Flower claymore as well as other rewards

To obtain the genshin impact buy accounts Mailed Flower claymore, everything you should do is complete the 1st level of the Floral Pursuit minigame. You don't even need to receive a high score. The weapon itself has got the following perks:

Elemental mastery sub-stat.

+12% ATK and 48 elemental mastery for eight seconds after an elemental skill hits an opponent or perhaps the character triggers an elemental reaction.

Uses Unfading Silky Grace to be a refinement material.

The Mailed Flower claymore may be the unique reward because of this particular event.

Floral Coupon Exchange - Has 1x Unfading Silky Grace, 3x Ersatz Balloons, and multiple weapon ascension materials. The currency just for this page emanates from the Floral Pursuit activity.

Festive Ticket Exchange - Has 1x Crown of Insight, 3x Unfading Silky Grace, and multiple talent booklets. The currency with this page originates from the Ballads of Breeze and Breezy Snapshots activities.