This is a cockfight-related betting site that is legal in various countries of the world including the Philippines. This virtual gaming site is quite popular among people. The WPC2029 updates are regularly given on the WPC 2029 Facebook page.

The lovers of cockfighting can find an updated schedule of games on this page.

You can grab this benefit of regular updates by visiting the Facebook page after getting yourself registered with the website of WPC. At the time of registration, you will come across all the regulations and rules of the WPC 2029.

The full form of WPC is World Pitmasters’ Mug. It is also known as the World Pitmasters’ Cock. The WPC2029 is an online gaming site. This site is also engaged in a live broadcast of the cockfight. This is a real-time cockfighting website. People all across the world, particularly in the Philippines, bet on such virtual cockfights. They lose money if the betting result proves wrong and also earn money through this site if the betting result proves to be right.