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East Liurnia is probably the three areas that define the large region of Liurnia with the Lakes in Elden Ring. This page includes an overview of the area, including all main dungeons, bosses, loot, and techniques to find in this region.

East Liurnia would be the first in the areas you'll probably encounter touring this region from Limgrave - through either the back exit of Stormveil Castle after defeating Godrick the Grafted or bypassing the castle across the cliff that runs alongside the ruined bridge northeast with the court. While it can be called East Liurnia, in reality, the location makes up much of the southern, eastern, or a bit from the northern part of the Liurnia region since it encompasses the leading eastern highway going north on the Academy Town, the southern lakefront and swamp, as well as the northern passage called Bellum Highway which leads to the Grand Lift of Dectus which will take you on the Altus Plateau (if you've got the Dectus Medallion).

East Liurnia isn't going to contain a Legacy Dungeon as a sub-region since the Academy of Raya Lucaria is found in North Liurnia. However, there are several small dungeons, side quests, and roaming bosses to tackle.

To reveal the facts and topography of the Liurnia region, you must find three Map Fragments in the Steles positioned in East Liurnia, North Liurnia, and West Liurnia.

You will find the East Liurnia Map Fragment some distance north through the Liurnia Lakeshore Site of Grace, encompassed by wraiths that will try and ambush you in the ruins and trees that flank the key road traveling throughout the flooded zone.

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