Very fast travel
Players should look for Maewings as early as possible in their  Genesis: Part 2 adventures because they're extremely fast which enables them to quickly fly on the terrain, which makes it easier for individuals to travel on huge maps. ARK Buy Dinos is the first choice for more casual players. They can also remove and land quickly, enabling efficient transportation.
Raising a baby
Since people can gather information from your papillary structures on both sides of Maewing's body, so these creatures might be an excellent nanny for small animals. They are actually like feeding troughs for baby creatures. If you feed Maewing with appropriate food to secure that particular species, they can suck from them.

In short, players who want their Maewing to feed small carnivores will have to feed their Maewing meat, and they need to feed them berries to feed small herbivores. 

Baby transport and baby theft
Players can equip Maewings with several saddle baskets to ensure babies might be safely put into them for transportation. This is a great way to transport a young creature from one place to another quickly and safely, however,  this can also be used for certain other types of taming. 

Due to the influence of such saddle baskets along with the rapid flight of Maewings, the gamer may swoop in, grab a tiny wild creature, fix them in the saddle basket, and then lift off before the parent creature can react. Although a bit sinister, it could be a good way to obtain and raise many creatures. 

Many players don't have more time to tame, so they often choose to buy one. Buy ARK Dinos For Sale from is a good choice, you can buy at a low price, safe and fast.