ISO 13485 certification in South Africa with the new EU Medical Device Regulation, many companies want to make certain that they are in compliance with this new legislation in order to be in a position to promote medical devices in the European Union.

MDR vs. IVDR comparison:

Applicability: MDR – all scientific devices; IVDR – in vitro diagnostic scientific gadgets only

Unique gadget identification: Both MDR and IVDR require a UDI number

Pre-market data: MDR requires scientific contrast document primarily based on contrast of scientific evidence; IVDR requires overall performance contrast and overall performance research for IVD devices

Post-market data: ISO 13485 in Iraq MDR requires ongoing post-market scientific follow-up; IVDR requires post-market surveillance and vigilance

This can come to be extra tricky if the in Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation (IVDR) is additionally relevant to your organization, considering you will want to apprehend how these two policies are associated as properly as how they differ. In this article, we will appear at the MDR and the IVDR, and evaluate the two regulations.

What is IVDR?

IVDR is the acronym used for the in Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation (EU) 2017/746, which changed the EU in Vitro Diagnostics Directive (IVDD) 98/79/EC on 25 May 2017, and is relevant specially to in vitro diagnostic clinical units manufactured and offered in the European Union ISO 13485 in Lebanon.

The IVDR rules apply to units that are used for the functions of diagnosing scientific issues. If you manufacture in vitro diagnostic clinical devices, the date of software for IVDR, which is when all technical documentation for the scientific units is required, is May 2022. The new EU IVDR is greater stringent than the preceding IVDD, due to the fact that the in vitro clinical system enterprise has modified significantly considering it was once released. Now, extra organizations will want to ISO 13485 Registration in Philippines with a notified body instead of self-certifying, and making sure that your technical documentation meets all the new necessities is the first step in this change.

MDR vs. IVDR comparison

One intent of the new EU IVDR law is to harmonize with the EU MDR regulation, specifically in the center of attention on chain management and medical evaluation. The new EU MDR does now not consist of rules for in vitro diagnostic devices, leaving this to be protected through the IVDR regulation; however, EU MDR Article 1 (point 7) clarifies how the two policies are related: this is especially necessary when each IVDR factors and different factors are collectively in one clinical device. Below is a contrast of some of the key components of MDR vs. IVDR.

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