Genshin Impact received the Beacon from the Reed Sea claymore with Version 3.5. One of the best hanging around, they fit many characters. Here are the very best

Many characters can equip Genshin Impact’s Beacon from the Reed Sea claymore, but only several can make the very best use of the new 5-star weapon. The Claymore is Dehya’s signature weapon and it has been introduced together with Version 3.5 and also the hero herself. Its design follows the Sumeru desert style, similar to the Staff from the Scarlet Sands polearm and also the Key Of Khaj-Nisut sword, which are Cyno and Nilou’s signature weapons, respectively.

Most claymore characters can usually benefit from equipping Genshin Impact’s Beacon from the Reed Sea because of how strong it is. Even utilizing it as part of a Noelle Genshin Impact build, for instance, could be a positive decision. Nonetheless, it has several specific stats and functionalities making it a perfect fit for many other claymore heroes in developer HoYoverse’s popular open-world RPG.

Genshin Impact’s Beacon from the Reed Sea Is Great For DPS Characters

Genshin Impact’s Beacon from the Reed Sea includes a high base attack (608 at level 90) as well as an impressive CRIT Rate sub-stat (33.1% at level 90). This makes it a fantastic choice for most claymore DPS characters hanging around. Generalist DPS heroes who require a bump for their overall damage output can all greatly take advantage of using Genshin Impact's new claymore. A great example is within builds for Chongyun in Genshin Impact. While he doesn't take full advantage of the weapon’s powers, it could be a game-changer in the performance around the field.

Genshin Impact’s Beacon from the Reed Sea Provides A Huge ATK Bonus

Nevertheless, the very best characters to equip Genshin Impact’s Beacon from the Reed Sea claymore are the ones whose damage output potential scales off from the weapon’s ATK bonus. The weapon skill, Desert Watch, sees the user’s ATK increase by 20% for eight seconds after landing an Elemental Skill hit. Additionally, when the user takes DMG from any source, their damage can also be boosted by 20% for eight seconds. Lastly, the user’s HP is increased by 32% if they're not shielded. Adding to the truth that it was tailor-made as Dehya's weapon in Genshin Impact, this is actually the weapon most fitting for her.

According to Game8, the very best characters to equip Genshin Impact’s Beacon from the Reed Sea besides Dehya herself, are Eula, Diluc, Beidou, and Razor. All of these are full-fledged DPS characters that take advantage of both the ATK stats and CRIT Rate sub-stat the claymore provides. Of course, you should note this weapon won't be as effective for Elemental Reactions as others. A Hyperbloom-focused Razor, for example, wouldn't be able to take just as much advantage from the weapon as though he were designed with Genshin Impact’s Mailed Flower, for example.

Nevertheless, Genshin Impact’s Beacon from the Reed Sea could be paired up with many characters hanging around and ultimately enable them to with their damage output. Despite being added so recently, this really is easily one of the strongest claymores hanging around. Even with the possible lack of a DEF sub-stat, Arataki Itto might make this one of his best weapons, for instance. Genshin Impact players should think about pulling for this if they require a good 5-star claymore for just about any of their characters.