Using a vehicle allows us to get from one point to another quite easily. However, the usage of a vehicle also demands its care from time to time. Without giving enough time to the care and maintenance of the vehicle, one will not be able to get the kind of performance one wants from their vehicle.

This is why experts suggest that drivers should subscribe their Mot Loughborough vehicles to timely maintenance every now and then to ensure good performance on the road. By taking your car for timely maintenance services, the user ensures that their car can keep delivering good performance for a long time.

It is not uncommon for people to confuse an MOT service with a car service. However, the two are very different. While a car service is a voluntary service that a driver undertakes in order to ensure that their car is damage-free, an MOT test is a compulsory test that all cars must pass in order to keep driving on the road. Without a valid MOT certificate, no car can drive on the road.

If vehicles are driving on the road with a clear MOT certificate, their car can be flagged for violation of rules. Not only can this incur fines, but the driver can also get a ban from driving. Therefore, it is best to apply timely care and maintenance to your car to ensure that MOT can be cleared in one go.

What Is An Mot Test?

After using your car for more than three years, the performance of the vehicle is bound to reflect some changes. After a while, the vehicle will not be able to give the deliverables it once did. As such, the Ministry of Transport test mandates that your car must clear an MOT test after three years after its purchase in order to keep driving on the road without any issues.

However, even though the MOT test is an annual thing, it can be quite difficult for some cars to clear the MOT test in one go. Statistics suggest that as many as two in five cars can end up failing their MOT test on the first go. Therefore, it is best to keep a checklist close by that can help you be mindful of checks that you need to get done before heading to an MOT test.

Since nobody likes waiting at the garage station all day and people can rarely find the time to get another MOT appointment, it is best to keep a checklist handy.

Checklist to clear mot test

Here are some common reasons for cars failing their MOT test that you can include on your checklist to successfully clear the MOT test on the first try:

  1. Brakes:

The brakes are vital to the safety of the vehicle. If there are any issues with the brake plates, rotor or even the brake wiring, the vehicle will not be able to clear the MOT test. Therefore, it is best to get your car for a car service before its MOT test in order to ensure that everything is working properly.

  1. Lights:

The MOT inspector will thoroughly check the lights of the car before clearing your car in the MOT test. The lights should be working properly and should be the right colour. Therefore, check the brake lights, front lights, and rear lights and even examine the lights on your dashboard. If your dashboard alludes to any issues then the car may fail the test.

  1. Registration plate:

The registration plate is one of the easiest things to clean, and yet several cars fail their MOT test due to carelessness with it. The registration plate should be clean with all numbers and alphabets visible quite clearly. If the alphabets or numbers are not in a font mandated by the rules, the car will fail the test. Otherwise, a clear wash to make the registration plate visible is enough to clear the MOT test.

  1. Exhaust:

The exhaust releases gases that contribute to the GNG gases and create global warming. Therefore, the MOT test mandates that the environmental impact of the car should not be out of hand. Therefore, the MOT inspector will inspect the exhaust for toxicity. Therefore, if your car does not have enough fuel for the MOT inspector to run the car, the vehicle will automatically fail the test.

  1. Windshield:

The windshield protects the car from the weather and also allows the passengers and the driver to look out on the road. If there are any noticeable damages on the windshield, the vehicle will definitely not clear the Car Battery Loughborough at once.

Rules mandate that there should be no damage on the driver’s end of the windshield measuring more than 20mm. Similarly, the side of the passenger should not have damage measuring more than 80mm. Anything above these values will qualify for failure.