Take your enemies with fire and lightning using our guide for top Assassin build in Diablo 2 Ressurected Ladder Season 3.

As its name suggests, the Assassin class in Diablo 2 is a beast with regards to sniping single targets from the distance in addition to farming a lot of useful resources in the corpses of the enemies. Aside from its usefulness in battle, the Assassin class can also be flexible, proclaiming to offer you different ways to defend yourself against enemies and make use of the Assassin's strengths.

However, this could all be built on even more with the best build for that Assassin class, and that is where this informative guide comes in. Below we'll walk you through our pick for the top Assasin build in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 3, the Fire Blast Assasin build, and break up its gear, skills, mercenary pick, plus much more.

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Is The Assassin A Good Class in D2R Ladder Season 3?

The Assassin class is a great option for players searching for a beginner-friendly class and versatile play style. Thanks to its synergy bonuses from both Lightning and Fire-based attacks, it may make easy work on most enemies no matter their immunities, especially Fire Immune monsters that are vital out of the box our main supply of the damage, however, it does come in a slight cost.

The Assassin class isn't great at dealing with Great Act bosses and it is often weak against high-life targets unless you're getting health buffs from teammates of things. This ultimately helps make the glass a glass cannon, but it may succeed when paired using the right build, and that is where the Fire Blast build is available.

Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Assassin Build: Fire Blast Assassin

The Fire Blast Assassin is our pick for the top build because it employs Fire Blast, a strong explosion attack that synergizes with lightning damage despite being a fire-based attack. It also uses the Death Sentry to manage damage over distance or higher a small area that synergizes to improve your Fire Blast damage.

This build also uses Sunder Charms for example Flame Rift to break up enemy defenses and immunities, leaving them helpless for your attacks. Below you'll find the gear, Sunder charms, and skills found in the Fire Blast Assassin build.

Fire Blast Assassin Gear and Sockets

Item Slot Main Item  Slotted Item(s)
Weapon Heart of the Oak Ko Rune, Vex Rune, Pul Rune, Thul Rune
Weapon Swap Call to Arms Amn Rune, Ral Rune, Mal Rune, Ist Rune, Ohm Rune
Shield  Spirit Monarch Tal Rune, Thul Rune, Ort Rune, Amn Rune
Body Armor Enigma Mage Plate Jah Rune, Ith Rune, Ber Rune
Helm Flickering Flame Diadem Nef Rune, Pul Rune, Vex Rune
Gloves Magefist  N/A
Boots War Traveler  N/A
Belt Arachnid Mesh  N/A
Ring 1 The Stone of Jordan  N/A
Ring 2 Doom Master Ring  N/A
Amulet Eagle Eye Amulet  N/A
Charm 1 Annihilus Small Charm  N/A
Charm 2 Gheeds Fortune Grand Charm  N/A
Charm 3 onwards Shimmering Small Charm Of Good Luck  N/A

Fire Blast Assassin Skills


Which Mercenary To Use With Diablo 2 Fire Blast Assassin Build

The Act 2 Desert Mercenary, which you'll hire from Greiz, is the greatest mercenary to use as the Assassin in D2R Ladder season 3. They should be equipped with a Spear or Polearm, in addition to the Might Aura, that allows you to manage with enemies who're immune to your primary supply of damage (Fire), in addition, to dealing some poke damage around the front lines providing you with time to move back and attack from the distance.

Their weapon also needs to have the Infinity ability, which reduces enemy resistance because of its Conviction Aura. While keeping the mercenary alive can be challenging if you possess the loadout we've specified in this informative guide, it ought to be a lot easier, and you will always heal all of them with healing potions.

Finally, you can revive a Mercenary that has been killed in battle by communicating with any of the Mercenary NPCs in each Act. However, remember that it costs more gold to bring back them every time and can cost as much as 50,000 gold to bring back them when they die a lot of times.