The people in the frontline are facing significant issues in controlling the pandemic situation. Here are the five most alarming problems and challenges faced by the nurses presently. 

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The situation around is critical. Every one of us must be careful and stop the spread. The year 2021 has started with hope, and the successful rollout of the vaccines has made all of us hopeful. But the situation is not yet under control, and we have to abide by the restrictions set by the government. We can help the nurses by following the rules and breaking the chain. They have already done a lot for society and deserve all the support. We can help them by following the rules and keeping ourselves safe.

It is essential to know the challenges faced by the nurses in handling the current situation. Then, you can do your part and help them. The above points highlight the major concerns shared by the nurses. The government must look into it and take care of the fact that the nurses get the necessary privileges to do their job. They are the only hope for the ordinary people and must not be ignored. The nurses have been doing wonders for the past year, and the passage highlights the issues they are facing while doing so. The five points are the major issues faced by them. The passage also appeals to the governments to look into these issues and provide a solution.

Medicine and medical professionals have been on the battlefield since 2020. The ongoing pandemic situation has forced them to use all the resources to treat the patients. Professional essay writers have taken the responsibility to write about the efforts the nurses are putting in. You can realise the situation we all are going through. They deserve all the appreciation for their efforts. They are fighting against all odds to keep us safe. There are many issues and challenges faced by nurses currently. They are trying to help irrespective of all the odds. The following are the five most alarming issues and challenges faced by nurses currently.

  • No time to rest – The past year had been the most strenuous year for medical professionals. They have always been on their toes. There has not been any solution or cure to the disease yet. Hence, it has become an issue for nurses. Maximum cases need emergency support leaving no time for them to rest. It is true that medical professionals are used to working odd hours, but the ongoing situation has made things difficult. The nurses are unable to find some time to rest. It is necessary to take some rest before you get back to work.
  • Staff shortage – Nurses are forced to work extra hours because of the shortage of staff. The government’s decision to implement lockdown everywhere to stop the spread has made commuting tough. Hence, some nurses cannot join work leaving the ones in the hospital with extended working hours. Unlike the nursing students, they cannot search for ‘my assignment help’ on the web and get the necessary support. The nurses take an oath of providing proper treatment to patients. They cannot deny the same and have to work long hours to support the patients.
  • Personal safety concerns – We cannot deny the work these nurses are doing. Comparing them with the armed forces will not be wrong presently. They are at the forefront and are dealing with patients who can affect them as well. There is a huge concern for personal safety among the nurses. There are cases where the nurse has got infected while taking care of a Covid-19 patient. It is essential to keep the saviours safe. Else, it will be challenging to protect the vast population.
  • Families at risk – The nurses are very concerned with the safety of their families. We all the nature of the virus and how it spreads. The nurses are at the forefront, and they are scared to go back home. It might harm their family members. Last year, many doctors and nurses met their families over a video call or maintained a safe distance. Such cases are upsetting. You cannot meet your family even if you want to. The nurses have always raised such concerns and demanded an adequate number of PPE kits to be safe.
  • No accommodation and transport facilities – The hospital authorities must take these concerns seriously. If the nurses are required to stay in the hospital, it is essential to provide them with a place. There have been concerns about not having the correct accommodation and transport facilities. The nurses might need to travel every day from home. The lockdown has restricted public transports. It is essential to have some transport facilities to reach the hospital and come home. But, most hospitals do not provide such facilities. The nurses are left at the mercy of app cabs and have to spend a lot on daily transportation.

The governments must understand the seriousness of the matter. Appreciating their efforts is fine, but giving them the necessary privilege is essential. They are the ones everyone can trust. If the hospitals do not have sufficient staff, it will be difficult for them to get the necessary treatment. It is high time the government understands these concerns and provide the required assistance. It is equally essential to stop the spread and control the number of Covid-19 cases. This will also help the assignment help melbourne. #livehyd #LiveHyd

(About the Author: Clara Smith is a professional essay writer associated with she has been very vocal about the challenges faced by the nurses and published several blogs citing such concerns.)