As a highly popular FPS game, Valorant features over 20 unique Agents. Riot Games carefully maintains balance by adjusting the strength of overpowered Agents and bolstering relatively weaker abilities. The subjective nature of the Valorant Agent Tier varies depending on individual play styles, team compositions, and map selections. To help players make informed decisions, RPGStash has created a special job tier list based on the latest 10-month data from multiple games.

Best Valorant Agent Tier list

Valorant S-Tier Agents

S Tier:

Jett: Her mobility and utility make her a strong pick for both aggressive and defensive playstyles.
Reyna: Her self-sustain and ability to snowball rounds make her a force to be reckoned with in the hands of a skilled player.
Viper: Her utility and post-plant abilities make her a valuable asset to any team.
Astra: Her global presence and crowd-control abilities make her a top pick in coordinated team play.

In Valorant, two of the most effective initiators are KAY/O and Skye. Both agents are capable of providing crucial intel on the enemy team. Skye can quickly heal her teammates, and her ultimate ability, Seekers, can prove invaluable in both attacking and defensive situations. On the other hand, KAY/O's Null/Cmd ability allows him to be revived by his team, while also suppressing opponents and preventing them from using any utilities, which is particularly useful in retake situations.

When it comes to attacking, Viper is an excellent choice. Her abilities can block aggressive angles and smoke off entrances, giving your team the upper hand. Her Snake Bite lineups and ultimate can also be incredibly useful in post-plant situations. Meanwhile, Jett is currently the top duelist in Valorant, thanks to her ability to secure opening kills and quickly rush into sites. When combined with the operator, her dash ability, Tailwind, can be deadly, and her smokes can be used both to her advantage and to help her teammates.

Finally, Omen is a versatile agent whose smokes can block multiple angles and provide excellent cover for aggressive positioning. His Paranoia ability can blind opponents, and he can also teleport to sneaky locations, which can catch the enemy team off guard.

Valorant A-Tier Agents

Tier A:

Sage: Her healing and barrier abilities make her a staple pick for defensive playstyles.
Killjoy: Her ability to hold down areas with her turrets and lockdown makes her a strong pick on certain maps.
Cypher: His information-gathering abilities make him a valuable asset on both offense and defense.
Omen: His smokes and teleport abilities make him a versatile pick for both aggressive and defensive playstyles.

For beginners looking for an easy-to-learn smoke agent, Brimstone is an excellent choice. His smokes are effective, and his Incendiary and Orbital Strike ultimate abilities can be invaluable in retakes and post-plant situations.

Breach, on the other hand, is a more challenging agent to master and requires good communication within the team. This is especially important when solo queuing.

Although Raze was previously considered an S-tier agent, she has been nerfed, and her Boom Bot and ultimate ability, Showstopper, are no longer as effective as they used to be. However, Fade is a great choice for gathering intel for the team, and her ultimate can be incredibly useful in retakes.

Yoru and Gekko are unique agents with interesting abilities. However, Yoru can be challenging to use correctly, while Gekko's movement can feel slow at times.

While Sova and Neon may not be effective in every map of Valorant, they still have the strengths that make them valuable in certain situations. Sova's Recon Bolt and Hunter's Fury, for example, can be a lethal combination, especially in post-plant situations. Meanwhile, Neon is excellent for quickly covering the map and getting crucial kills, making her a great choice for aggressive playstyles and site rushes.

Although Killjoy was previously considered an S-tier agent, her recent nerfs have decreased her effectiveness. Her Turret's HP has been reduced, and her ultimate's point cost has been increased, resulting in her being pushed down to the A-tier.

Valorant B-Tier Agents

Tier B:

Brimstone: His smokes and mollys make him a solid pick for certain maps and strategies.
Phoenix: His self-healing and flashbangs make him a decent pick for aggressive playstyles.
Skye: Her flashes and healing abilities make her a solid support pick, but she can be outclassed by other agents in certain situations.

Astra is a challenging agent to master, and players often opt for other agents due to her complex gameplay mechanics. However, her pick rate in the pro scene remains high, indicating her potential for skilled players who understand how to approach different situations effectively.

Although Sage's Healing Orb and Barrier Orb abilities were recently nerfed, she is still a solid support agent due to her Slow Orb and ultimate ability, Resurrection.

Harbor is a recent addition to Valorant, and while his abilities can be effective in specific situations, there are usually better agents to use. Additionally, his utilities affect teammates as well, which can be a significant drawback, leading to his placement in the B-tier.

Valorant C-Tier Agents

Tier C:

Yoru: his teleport and fakeout abilities can be useful in certain situations, but he is generally outclassed by other agents.
Breach: His crowd control abilities can be useful, but he requires a coordinated team to fully utilize his kit.
Raze: Her explosives and mobility make her a decent pick for aggressive playstyles, but she can be predictable and easily countered.

Reyna and Phoenix were some of the most popular agents when Valorant was first released, but their pick rates have declined as players have come to realize that they provide little value to the team. While they can still be effective for solo queuing, better options are available when playing in a team setting.

How to choose the best agent

Choosing an appropriate Agent in Valorant requires consideration of several factors, including your playstyle, the roles of your teammates, the map layout, and the role you want to play in the game.

Choose an Agent that matches your playstyle. If you like to attack, then choose a duelist character who is good at attacking, such as Jett or Raze. If you like to defend, then choose a Controller Type character who is good at controlling the map, such as Viper or Brimstone. If you like to provide support, then choose an Agent that specializes in healing and providing supplies, such as Sage or Skye.

Consider which roles your teammates have chosen, and choose an Agent that complements them. For example, if your teammates are all attacking characters, you might want to choose a control character to support them.

Choose an Agent that fits the layout of the map. For example, some characters have abilities that can block certain areas on the map or provide global vision, which may be more useful on certain maps.

Consider the role you want to play in the game. For example, if you want to provide healing and support in the game, then you can choose Sage or Skye. If you want to provide a global vision, then you can choose Sova or Astra.

Ultimately, choosing an appropriate agent requires some practice and trial and error. You may have to try several different characters to find the one that works for you.

Agent difference between new players and old players

In Valorant, there are some differences between the Agents used by new players and veteran players. These differences may be because newcomers have not yet mastered various aspects of the game that veteran players are already familiar with, or because each agent has a different playstyle and skills that may be more suitable for Novice or veteran players.

For beginners, it is usually recommended to choose some easy-to-use agents, which have simple skills and easy-to-understand role responsibilities. Brimstone and Sova, for example, are accessible agents whose skills are easy to understand and who can provide useful information and support to the team. If you want to use higher Tier agents, then you can try to buy Valorant Smurf Accounts to satisfy your desire.

Veteran players, on the other hand, are often more inclined to choose some of the more challenging agents, which require a higher skill level and deeper game knowledge to play their best role. For example, Jett and Raze are agents that require high skill and experience. Their skills and role responsibilities are relatively complicated, but they can play a huge role in high-level competitions.

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