One of the most basic new features in patch 10.0.7 may be the Zskera Vault, which players will have to explore to obtain an onyx annulet. There are many doors inside Zskera Vaults, plus they can only be opened with Zskera Vault Keys. So today we have the best methods to farm zero vault keys for that patch 10.0.7 in WoW Dragonflight 2023. Read this guide and learn where you can farm zero vault keys & how to obtain 30+ zero vault keys from patch 10.0.7 in Dragonflight 2023.

WoW Dragonflight Zskera Vault Keys Farm 2023 - How to Get 30+ Zskera Vault Keys from Patch 10.0.7

It’s time for Patch 10.0.7 in WoW Dragonflight, and also the update is stuffed with a plethora of new content such as the Zskera Vaults. There's one trouble with zero vaults, all the doors are locked, so we will need as numerous zero vaults secrets to open these doors, as it’s required for upgrading the Onyx Annulet. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks you can use to obtain a large number of keys quickly, and should you play your cards right, you will get 30+ keys for zero vault within an hour or less, so there are several options here to collect up a lot of keys with hardly any effort involved. So let's check out how you can farm zero vault keys and what the very best sources are at this time.

The fastest zero vaults key farming guide covers the very best ways to obtain zero vault keys, plus some tips & tricks to obtain 30+ keys quickly in Dragonflight.

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How to Get Zskera Vault Keys in WoW Dragonflight 2023

Zskera Vault keys aren't way too hard to collect, you will find quite a few sources within the new Forbidden Reach Zone that you're probably already getting involved in.

- The first source comes from rare monsters, these bankruptcies are not a 100% guaranteed drop anymore like these were in some areas of the PTR testing cycle, however, they do still appear to be a decently high drop rate. We can get keys from rare kills more frequently than we haven't, however, your mileage can vary. Hunting rares is super simple, just look out on your world map for that rare spawn icons, there's more often than not at least 1 rare airport and that is how it feels anyway. They appear to have a very quick respawn timer, which means you should be in a position to farm zero vaults so long as you want pretty much.

- You may also get vault keys in the various types of treasures that you could run into including such things as the storm event chests, and the locked chests, and also you might even be able to obtain them in the smaller types of treasures that are not marked in your world map. So look out for any treasures you may come across.

As long as you have a bit of time for you to play and also you spend it within the Forbidden Reach, getting vault keys is super easy, you will be able to open up every vault door every week if you want to and also you put the amount of time in.

Trading keys between characters

There is yet another way you can quickly obtain zero vault keys in WoW Dragonflight 2023 patch 10.0.7, it isn't an unintended gameplay option since the dev team has explicitly allowed this interaction, but it is kind of an unfortunate side-effect of what ought to be a great accessibility option.

Zskera vault keys are bound on account, this means you can send these phones your other characters. The main case utilization of the bind on account feature has more often than not been to facilitate catching up on alt. You can send XS or spare materials or items or perhaps in this case vault keys, which means you're also doing two essential things.

First, it maintains value for that bind a merchant account item after your primary character is performed with that specific item. So once you open up all the vaults in your main, after that you can use access secrets of open up vaults in your alt. So it means your keys will never be worthless the worthiness is maintained.

The second part is simply speeding in the pace where your alt can clear through content that your primary has already done. That appears to be a key focus for Dragonflight making alts more enjoyable to play and more accessible also it just takes less time to obtain an alt swept up to where your primary already is.

So the keys being bound on the account is fantastic, this is a really good addition, however, it does permit you to do something a little odd. You can send zero vault keys out of your alt to your primary, this usually would not be too big of a deal seeing as you've to play those alts within the same content that your primary would have to do to obtain these keys.

So could it be that impactful?

Yes, you will find two main things to consider here:

Maximizing gearing possibility of alts

To begin with, one of the important items you may want to take advantage of within the Forbidden Reach may be the untapped Forbidden Knowledge item. These are the items that you need to gather if you need to upgrade the 385 storms or token prepare to item level 395, also it provides you with that new green tint from the transmog set. This upgrade merchandise is bind on pickup also it's the only real part from the entire gearing catch-up system in 10.0.7 that's bind on pickup. So should you want to make the most of the 395 gear upgrades, you ought to be killing rares and doing events around the character you'll need the gear on and then you can send any keys you get to your primary character or whichever character you would like to open vaults on.

Using your alts for very fast keys

There's something much more lucrative here should you have any alts at max level, each character that you simply take with the 10.0.7 introduction quest line and unlock the zero vault system will be presented a quest outside from the zero vaults that immediately in your direction with 6 zero vault keys. You don't have to do anything whatsoever else whatsoever, you simply get 6 keys free of charge. These keys are meant to give you a little bit of a jump start, provide you with enough keys to obtain those quests done for that onyx annulet, acquire some of your primordial stones and merely start the entire process off. But you can send those secrets of whatever character you would like. So basically you will get 6 zero vault keys per max level alt you've, or however many you can stomach to obtain through the intro one after another anyway, then send all of those secrets of one character. The intro sequence can be achieved in as little as ten to fifteen minutes should you are zooming, but exactly how many times you can do it's ultimately your decision, the number of alts you've whether or not you need to steal your alt keys along with your attention span.

After carrying this out with most of the alts at max level, you are in a position to transfer over quite a few secrets of your hunter. So you can have enough to spread out every door within the vault now. The vault doors will reset each week, which means you'll have more to spread out next week should you get all of them opened now. But the 6 key quests outside of the vault is another weekly quest or a minimum of it was in certain areas of the PTR testing cycle. So if that is true and you will get 6 keys with every vault reset per max level character you've.

That's all of the ways you can farm zero vault keys at this time and the best way to use your alts to massively improve your access to easy vault keys on a minimum of one character at any given time.

Bonus Tips

What are Zskera Vault Rewards?

Zskera Vault’s most sought-after reward may be the Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones. This ring was added within the 10.0.7 update, also it starts at a 405-item level. It can be upgraded all of the ways to as much as 424 item level.

Throughout your adventures in Zskera Vaults, you can also come across toys and pets such as the following:

Holoviewer: The Lady of Dreams

Holoviewer: The Scarlet Queen

Holoviewer: The Timeless One

Bright feather


Gilded Mechafrog

What's within the Zskera Vaults in Dragonflight?

Inside the vault doors are a bunch of gems that vary by effectiveness depending on the spec. DPS will wish to focus more on gems that provide damage boosts while tanks will prioritize shields and damage mitigation. It will take a long time for you to open the entire vault, therefore it is a good thing players may also purchase gems from Researcher Imareth at Morquet Village for 10 Dormant Primoridal Fragments. Because this merchandise is dropped randomly, it might take several attempts before a desired gem is acquired.