Right off the bat, let's make it clear that working from home is not the same as making money from home. The latter revolves around a home based business, and while there are some legitimate possibilities, most of the ads that you see are not. What we are talking about is a trend that literally is sweeping across America. From people who are self employed to major corporations, it is more and more likely that employees are working from the comfort of their own home. This setup can create quite a few challenges, and we'll talk about how to overcome those and succeed in the workplace even when that place might be your own bedroom.


It might surprise some to know that even some of the biggest businesses in the world have started to trend toward a work from home philosophy. Bank of America is just one example of a corporation that, after spending considerable time on research, realized that having many employees work from home was an advantage. Their studies showed that employees who had an office in their house were more productive than those who came in to their normal office setting. For many years, people thought that this would be just the opposite, but because of so many distractions in the work place, the quietness of home has turned out to be beneficial. Not only are employees more efficient, but you can imagine the savings for a company like Bank of America to have a work force that does not require expensive work space.


If you are one of the many workers who work from home or are about to begin this new type of employment, here are some tips to help you succeed. If at all possible, have a dedicated room in your home. This can give you an actual feeling of "going" to work even if it's only a work from home employee monitoting few steps down the hall. Set rules for your workspace as well for both yourself and your family. Having set hours that you will be working helps insure that you are disciplined enough to do the job when there is not a supervisor standing over your shoulder. Your family should know what those work hours are, and if they can interrupt you, what is the best way to do it. These simple steps can help create a happy workplace right alongside a happy home.