Now we set up the most powerful Elden Ring Moonlight Greatsword build within the 1.09 patch with Dark Moon Greatsword, since the stats, gear, talismans, spells, flasks, and gameplay tips.

Best Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword Build 1.09 (PvP & PvE)

The Darkmoon Greatsword has got a lot of Buffs because of the original discharge of Elden ring and within the latest 1.09 patch, it had been buffed again with improved speed and selection of various attacks in addition to recovery time to permit it to combo, all of the consecutive Buffs it has received causes it to be one from the most buffed weapons within the entire game, it has spiraled the weapon unmanageable. It went from being a powerful weapon to some contender for the absolute strongest weapon within the entire game. Whether in PVE or PVP, Darkmoon Greatsword Build is completely dominant!

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Dark Moon Greatsword Pros & Gameplay Features

Dark Moon Greatsword will probably be one of the arranged choices for players who would like a well-around build for both PvE and PvP. Here are various arguments on why this sword might perfectly be the strongest weapon within the game:

Extremely Efficient

First of all, it's free of damage and incredibly FB-efficient. How the sword works are that you simply cast The Ash of War Moonlight Greatsword as well as in turn, your Dark Moon Greatsword gets imbued using the light from the Dark Moon. Functionally speaking this means it Buffs your sword passing on an extra 65 magic damage and 15 extra frostbite build-up towards the already innate frostbite build-up the sword has, but more importantly, it provides you with a new extremely destructive skill.

Insane Damage

Your charged attacks using the sword are now able to fire off these magical Moonlight projectiles that deal lots of damage when they hit your opponents, and also, since this is a ranged attack, with a decent range it's the benefit of you simply destroying your enemies from the distance without needing to worry about anything.

Insane Poise Damage

Because these Moonlight blasts have amazing voice damage, so after shooting several projectiles he can chain effortlessly by the way it's quite spammable, it'll stance breaks whatever you're fighting and each time your stance breaks anything in a fight this means the end of this fight. Because whether you go for that critical hit or simply shoot much more of your Moonlight, the harm output you've in a very small amount of period of where your enemy is stance broken and dealing with it is completely insane and means your enemy's HP bar just completely depletes.

Stancebreaking From A Distance

Projectiles are a very safe way to get the harm about maximizing your damage output, however, you need to hit your opponents in melee range. Hitting them in melee range means not only do you hit them using the projectile itself however, but you also hit all of them with this swing from the sword that shoots from the projectile which part by itself also deals damage. It's now a great method of getting extra damage in versus your enemies but you've to weigh within the benefits of both aspects obviously where you need to go for that ranged blasts of moonlight or even the melee Blast Of Moonlight, depending upon the scenario that you simply have.

Melee & Ranged Options (More Damage vs. More Reliable)

It is a question of whether would you like the option that provides you with the safer reliable damage but a bit lower when it comes to damage output or would you like more damage however with more risk associated obviously after which with risk - such things as getting interrupted yourself that is something you're much more subjected to obviously when you are right alongside your opponent. This is something he will usually determine within the moment from the Heat and you'll see for yourself which option helps make the most sense to choose. The sword has amazing damage and amazing voice damage both in melee and ranged variations.

Elden Raing Best Dark Moon Greatsword for PvE/PvP After 1.09 Patch

Dark Moon Greatword is great both in PvE and PvP since you can tap it to transmit out a fast wave or hold it to transmit out a larger slower one, meaning you can faint or trick people causing them to roll in the wrong sometimes and punishing them very well. As a weapon that deals probably the most damage in a single hit, you can get 5-6K hits around the powered-up heavy attack. There are also many different ways to improve the harm of this weapon, ideas show probably the most all-around dark moon greatsword build setup for both PvE and PvP!


The Darkmoon Greatsword is most effective in a purely intelligent setup, it's all of its scalings with intelligence, and we would not bother putting any points in strength or dexterity in a capped setup, except to find the requirements obviously to wield the sword. Go all of the ways and obtain 80 intelligence.

Level 125 Stats

The stats you then wish to run for any level 125 build are 80 intelligence to increase our damage output along with a fully soft cap on intelligence, 16 strength, and 11 dexterity to satisfy the requirements after which 50 Vigor for nice survivability, you don't need any mind with this particular build because the Moonlight Greatsword Ash of War and also the associated buff can last for 60 seconds for just a bit of FB as well as in 60 seconds any fight will often already be over. A few more points in endurance are great as well so you don't tire out as fast.

Vigor: 50

Mind: 15

Endurance: 15

Strength: 16

Dexterity: 12

Intelligence: 80

Faith: 7

Arcane: 9

Level 150 Stats

If you need to level many go to say level 150 then put 10 more points in Vigor to completely soft cap on might maximize your survivability and, then split the rest of the 15 points either in endurance or mind or perhaps a mix depending really on your personal needs.

Vigor: 60

Mind: 22

Endurance: 23

Strength: 16

Dexterity: 12

Intelligence: 80

Faith: 7

Arcane: 9


Right Hand: Dark Moon Greatsword +10

Left Hand: Jellyfish Shield, Lusat's Flintstone Staff, or Carian Regal Scepter

To optimize their damage output, gamers should think about equipping themselves using the Jellyfish Shield in addition to the greatsword. This shield provides a valuable 20% damage boost through its Contagious Fury special skill. Additionally, whilst not mandatory, it might be advantageous for players to also incorporate staff into their build to gain access to Ranni's Dark Moon Spell. With its ranged skill attack, this spell will help further maximize damage potential.


Spellbalde's Armor Set

For armor, if you would like the maximum damage output that's possible you'd run the whole Spellblade set for 2 bonus damage per piece so 8 extra damage as a whole.


Magic Scorpion Charm - A staple using its 12 extra harm to everything within our hit

Godfrey Icon - Boosting our Moonlight blasts (15% to Moonlight Greatsword)

Shard of Alexander- Boosting our Ash of War's damage output significantly

Ritual Sword Talisman - Gives us a 10% damage boost if we are at full HP

For talismans, the Darkmoon Greatsword has amazing Synergy with lots of stuff which is another bonus, we will go as offensive as possible with this particular build once we do have good Vigor and lots of stance-breaking capability.

Since we now have great reach using the Darkmoon Greatsword, we can definitely in lots of scenarios need to be as full HP and extremely utilize the ritual sword talisman and do amazing damage


Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear - Boosting 15% harm to everything within our kit from your Ash of War towards the actual damage from the sword itself to the sorcery you'd like to run additionally

Cerulean Hidden Tear - Allowing us to cast anything for 15 seconds without costing any FB

Spells & Sorceries

Ranni's Dark Moon

Because we now have 80 intelligence, we can also use any sorcery within the game with this staff within our off-hand even though it's not needed but to stick towards the team you will find one spell feet tied towards the Dark Moon which is Ranni's, Dark Moon. Now, this sorcery combo is extremely well using the Darkmoon greatsword since Randy's Dark Moon comes with an amazing range that goes well beyond the selection of the Dark Moon's Greatsword Moonlight last, can hit any boss that is all of the way over the arena, to ensure that means immediately when you start any boss fight you can maximize your damage output by already beginning to engage in combat with spamming Ranni's Dark Moon which nuclear bombs on themselves can already just destroy bosses completely from over the arena if that is something you have in mind.

Early Game Substitute Build - Spellblade Build

The Dark Moon Greatsword is a weapon locked behind Randy's Quest chain so he can't get it right at the start of the game however, you can make certain to make it a priority and begin the quest chain relatively early on if you would like a build that transitions perfectly into this build. However, plus there is one build available that does so perfectly and it's the Spellblade build. This build also utilizes a very unique mixture of on one hand the Moonveil that also has that shooting of moonlight projectile elements, so similar vibes towards the Darkmoon greatsword it makes use of getting sorceries and many fittingly the Carian Grandeur Ash of War infused with an Uchigatana which makes it this unique Samurai Spellblade kind of build.