Visiting Tokyo in 2021? trying to find the best things to try to or places to go to within the city today??

Tokyo is one of the foremost attractive cities within the world offering plenty of tourist attractions including historic monuments, unique museums, cool skyscrapers, and cultural experiences.

If you're a primary-time visitor, it's going to be hard for you to decide on what to try to do in Tokyo with a limited period. So it’s vital to plan your trip carefully beforehand and choose where to go/what to try to do, so you'll maximize your trip in Japan.

2 Best Places to See In Tokyo:

Katsushika, Tokyo

Katsushika (葛飾区) may be a special ward of Tokyo Metropolis to the northeast of downtown Tokyo. it's called Katsushika City in English. The ward covers 34.84 sq km (13.5 sq mi) and features a population of 429,000 (2011 estimate). Visit southwest airlines reservations to find the best offers on flight tickets to Katsushika, Tokyo.

Katsushika ward is bordered by Chiba Prefecture to the northeast, Edogawa to the south, Sumida to the southwest, Arakawa to the west, and Adachi to the northwest.

Katsushika ward was originally a part of the Katsushika District of Musashi Province. During the Meiji Restoration, Musashi Province was repartitioned, and Katsushika District was split into Kita Katsushika District in Saitama Prefecture, Higashi Katsushika District in Chiba Prefecture, and Minami Katsushika District in Tokyo Prefecture. In 1932, Minami Katsushika District was renamed Minami Katsushika Ward, while Tokyo Prefecture became Tokyo City. In 1947, Minami Katsushika Ward became Katsushika Special Ward and Tokyo City was replaced by Tokyo Metropolis.

Kita, Tokyo

Kita may be a special ward of Tokyo Metropolis. Its name Kita means "north", regarding its location from downtown Tokyo. it's called Kita City in English. The ward covers 20.59 sq km (7.9 sq mi) and features a population of 332,000 (2011 estimate). Get Amazing Deals on Domestic & International Flight Bookings with american airlines reservations to Kita, Tokyo.

Kita is bordered by Saitama Prefecture to the north, Adachi to the east, Arakawa to the southeast, Bunkyo to the south, Toshima to the southwest, and Itabashi to the west. The Arakawa and Sumida rivers flow through Kita.

How to go, Kita?

The Tokyo Metro Namboku Line subway trains to travel Kita ward, stopping at Nishigahara (N-15), Oji (N-16), Oji Kamiya (N-17), Shimo (N-18), and Akabane Iwabuchi (N-19) Subway Stations. you'll also drive to Kita. The Shuto Expressway C2 Central Loop and National Route 17 attend Kita.