Bulk Keyboard PCBA Both design and development: Shenzhen Shuoheng Technology Co., Ltd. long-term commitment to electronic products motherboard production, research and development, and sales of one-stop electronics. A more convenient one-stop service Leading edge, highlighting professional services Business Scope of the Company: 1. Computer peripheral products PCBA: computer motherboard, printer; 2. Video electronic products PCBA: network set-top box, 3D hard disk player, karaoke machine, projector; 3, digital consumer products PCBA: self-timer, smart home; 4, photoelectric products PCBA: display board; 5. Industrial power supply PCBA: industrial power supply, LED street power supply, new energy control power supply; 6. Bank automatic terminal PCBA: POS machine, money counting machine; 7. Medical electronic equipment PCBA: color ultrasound instrument, CT machine, monitor; 8, automotive electronic PCBA: navigation, traffic recorder; 9, home appliance controller PCBA: coffee machine, blender, soybean milk machine, vacuum cleaner, hair straightener, electric toothbrush, foot wash basin; 10. New energy PCBA: wind energy inverter control motherboard, solar energy inverter control motherboard, new energy vehicle charging pile; 11. Communication PCBA: switch and router; 12. PCBA supporting wire;Bulk Keyboard PCBA website:http://www.ipcba.com/keyboard-pcb/keyboard-pcba/