Composite Cover factory 350mm D400 gas station manhole covers In China , PetroChina, SINOPEC and other fueling station are our loyal clients for many years. In abroad, UK, USA, Australia , Kenya , Uganda, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries are using our frp manhole covers always. Product Details: 900mm (13.7鈥? Dia Composite manhole cover MC composite cover have the characteristics of safety, corrosion resistance and easy installation. Specially produced for gas stations, with guaranteed quality! Product information NameHeavy Duty Fuel Station Covers Material:Composit(SMC) Size:Clear opening 350mm (13.7") Weight:16kgs Load:D400 Standard:EN124-5 Standard Features 鈼廠tandard:EN124-5 鈼廋lear opening: 350mm(13.7") to D400 鈼廙aterial: Composite Fiberglass and special resin that is moulded at high temperature and high pressure. Composite Sheet Moulding Compound( SMC). 鈼?Watertight Seal 鈼廇nti-Slip surface M&C鈥檚 Cover鈥檚 top surface material has a better slip-resistance value in a wet , dry or worn state to increase safety. 鈼廘ockable 鈼廋ustomized available M&C have professional engineering department and we can make the special design and mould for you according your size,pattern,color, load,logo,function request. Product specification Unit : MM ltem No.DimensionsLoad RatingWeight ABCHCover WeightTotal Weight MC-350D35050042080400KN/D40011Kg/24lbs16Kg/35Ibs MC-350C35050042080250KN/C250-- FAQ: Q:What is a composite manhole cover? A:The fiber reinforced thermosetting composite, also known as sheet molding compound (SMC), with unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix, is a new type of environment-friendly cover plate made by pressing technology. The composite manhole covers adopts high-temperature and high-pressure one-time molding technology, with high polymerization degree, high density, good impact resistance and tensile strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution, no maintenance and other advantages. Q:What are the difference of composite manhole covers EN124-5 grade ? What do they mean ? A15:Green belt, sidewalk and other areas prohibited from motor vehicles. It can bear 1.5 tons B125: Sidewalk, non motor vehicle, car parking lot and underground parking lot. It can bear 25 tons C250 : Residential areas, back streets and alleys, areas where only light vehicles or cars are running, and the curbs on both sides of the road are within 0.5m. It can bear 50 tons D400 : Urban trunk roads, highways, expressways and other areas. It can bear 80 tons E600 : Freight station, wharf, airport and other areas. It can bear 120 tons F900 : Airport runway and other areas can bear 180 tonsComposite Cover factory website: