suspended suction arm was a suction suction device well designed for the top and bottom of cement storehouse, belt conveying and local dust source. It is mainly composed of the box body (including bag chamber, clean air chamber, porous plate, filter bag, bag cage frame and access door. The box body design is not afraid of pressure of 5000pa.) , injection system (including air bag, injection pipe, pulse valve, controller. Pulse long bag dust collector), air outlet system (including air outlet rain cover) consists of three parts. It can also be used for local dust source dust removal in other industries. It has the characteristics of large air volume, small volume, compact structure and easy to use. Dust from suspended suction arm can be directly discharged into the warehouse, or directly on the belt. After the dust collector works for a period of time, the dust on the filter bag gradually increases, causing the resistance of the filter bag to rise, so the dust collector needs to be cleaned. After the dust removal is completed, the dust collector will work normally again. The dust-bearing gas enters the dust collector from the lower part of the dust collector, and the clean air is discharged by the induced draft fan after being filtered by the filter bag.

suspended suction arm used separate chamber air stop pulse ash removal technology to overcome the shortcomings of conventional pulse dust collector and separate chamber reverse dust collector, dust removal, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, less energy consumption, less steel consumption, less land area, stable operation and good economic benefit. Suitable for metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry dust gas purification and material recovery. The purpose of cleaning can be achieved by spraying once in this way, so the cleaning period is prolonged, the energy consumption of cleaning is reduced, and the pressure gas consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the fatigue degree of the filter bag and pulse valve is reduced, which increases the life of the filter bag and valve disc exponentially.

suspended suction arm needs to meet the requirements of analysis, suspended suction arm design needs to be considered in the following four aspects:

l. Calculated according to the volume:

The number of the body is the decisive factor to determine the size and type of dust collector. For large gas volume, the dust collector that can handle large gas volume should be selected. If multiple dust collectors that handle small gas volume are used in parallel, it is often uneconomical. For small gas volume, it is necessary to compare which type of dust collector is economical, easy to achieve the dust source point control and dust emission environmental protection requirements.

2, according to the dispersion and density of dust calculation:

The dispersion of dust has great influence on the performance of dust collector, and the dispersion of dust is the same, but also different because of the different operating conditions. Therefore, when choosing the type of dust collector, the exact control of dust dispersion, such as particle size at more than 10υm can be selected cyclone dust collector. When the particle size is less than microns, electrostatic precipitator and bag type precipitator should be selected, and the specific selection can be made by referring to the type and performance table of commonly used precipitator according to the dispersion and other requirements. Then in accordance with other conditions and introduced precipitator type and performance.

3, according to the dust concentration of gas calculation:

For suspended suction arm, the higher the dust concentration, the higher the dust removal rate, but this will increase the dust concentration at the inlet and outlet, so it can not just be generally considered that the dust treatment effect is good, at a better initial concentration. Continuous cleaning, pressure loss and emission concentration can also meet environmental requirements. The initial concentration of precipitator is below 30g/m3, and it can be used without pre-removing dust.

4. Influence of dust adhesion on selection:

The adhesion mechanism of dust and wall surface is closely related to the specific surface area and moisture content of dust. The smaller the dust particle size d, the larger the specific surface area, the more water content, and the greater the adhesion.

suspended suction arm