Roald offers you a fishing rod, along with RS gold some bait. Then, head to the fishing area in Barbarian Village. Prepare one longfish. Both require Level 45 fishing and cooking. Here's your cooked longfish. Can I have the key, once again? I am a man who sticks to my word. Here, take it.

How do you get Ali's Key. Visit Prince Ali in jail. Hey there. It is a shame that if I talk and am caught, I'll be taken. I'm not able to talk at the moment...... Remove any guards that surround Ali's cell. Contact him again. We are grateful! If it wasn't for you I couldn't have talked in any way. What is your key? Which Key? The Key. Roald and Lathas have one, and Varce told me you would too.

Oh, that's it. My hand was taken by the High Priest of Sophanem. He claimed that "I was not fit enough to hold it". Horid men took me soon after! Talk with the high priest. I believe you'll need "Connections" with him. After you have completed Contact, go to the High Priest! Hi Adventurer! What do I can do to assist you?

Prince Ali told me to get your keys. It's vital. Gilenor is in dire need of these three keys. They are back with the Chalice of Eternity... and the Demonic Gladiators... Your deplorable problems can be dealt with Old school runescape buy gold elsewhere. It seems that you will need to use "other" methods to get it. To get this I recommend having the requirements of Theiving to get this. Right click on Pickpocket High Priest. Now, you have the 3 Keys! You must give 40 times the amount to get the key.