Obsidian is an important resource for craft Polymer, which is used to make amazing saddles, armors, tools, weapons, electronic devices, and structures. These items can even help you create the ultimate base. Buy Cheap ARK Items from arkrex.com can help you create a base faster. This will make your gaming experience better. Obsidian is so important that many players may not know where to get it. 

Where to find Obsidian?
Obsidian is most commonly found in caves and mountains, especially near the top of the mountain. It can usually be found in shiny black rocks with a smooth appearance. You can also be close to volcanoes because this resource can also be mined near these formations.

The easiest place to find Obsidian is Daytime Peak on the northwest side of the island. You can be identified by the blue obelisk hanging on it. Remember to keep warm before going up the mountain. 

How to get Obsidian?
It is best to use Ankylosaurus, Magma Dragon, and Phoenix to mine Obsidian. Buy ARK Items to help you enjoy the game better. You can tame them with single-player cheat codes. You can also use a praying mantis or even a metal pickaxe, but if you use one of the other creatures listed, collecting Obsidian will be faster.