If you were using Coinbase Pro earlier and then stopped using it for a while, then there's a lot you have missed so far about it. Yes, Coinbase Pro is a platform which was existed till the year 2022. However, it is no longer available for usage in 2023. If you were not aware of this piece of news, then you'll be surprised to know that this particular service has been waived off by the owners.

Prior to this, skilled crypto traders were given the opportunity to involve in the advanced trading of crypto assets. The platform offered various advanced trading tools to make your crypto trading journey easier and smoother. Traders were able to trade a large volume of crypto assets just by paying a nominal fee.

However, these features were not available to Coinbase users. Such users had to create a separate account on the Coinbase Pro exchange to start using its features. But, things have completely changed upside down. Want to know more about what happened to the platform? Check out the details furnished below.

What happened to the platform?

Well, if you have searched the internet for the existence of Coinbase Pro then you might have got the idea that it no longer exists. Well, to reduce hassle and to provide Coinbase users equal opportunities to use advanced trading tools, Coinbase came to the decision that they will be incorporating all the Coinbase Pro features in the Coinbase exchange itself.

In June 2022 the platform made it public that it will soon shut down its Pro platform and the same happened later on. And, in the mid of November 2022, Coinbase already started the procedure to shift users' accounts from Pro to Coinbase. So, you should not worry about this.

How will it affect the existing users?

Here, the great piece of news is that all the Coinbase Pro users will be able to use the existing as well as additional features and services within the Coinbase exchange. Yes, you read that right. All of these features would be present under the "Trade" tab > "Advanced Trade" on Coinbase itself.

In case you are unable to follow this pathway, then you can jump directly to this coinbase advanced trade URL which will take you to the advanced trading platform.

Although, the platform is taking initiative to help users migrate from Coinbase Pro to Coinbase. There still are some manual steps you can take to help yourself. Just go to the portfolios tab on the pro platform, and choose the option to move to Coinbase after following a few easy steps.


I hope this article has helped you deal with the confusion that you might have regarding Coinbase Pro's existence. In case you have lost access to your Coinbase account and are worried about the funds stored over it, then you need not worry because all your funds would be available on the "Advanced trade" tab of Coinbase.