There are so many different types of metal dome arrays, due to the similar shape, they are hard to distinguish quickly in the first time. Here, Best Tech sharing some methods to help you to recognize the various dome arrays, let’s get started.

First of all, we should know how many types of dome arrays in the market. Currently, what most commonly snap dome arrays are as followings:

  • Single layer dome array
  • Double layer dome array
  • EMI printing dome array
  • Rubber glue dome array
  • LGF dome array

In these five kinds of dome arrays, the single layer and double layer dome array are most difficult to recognize since they are almost in the same shape in visual. But if we observe their structure by a simple tweezers, then you will find the way fleetly.

For the structure of a single layer dome array, the metal sheet is located

under Mylar (a layer of PET adhesive material with glue) and it has some vent holes to ensure the basic click feeling and using. For better understanding, you can see below structure diagram

Double layer metal dome array is somehow similar to single layer type by

means of metal dome contacts attached under Mylar as well. But the difference is that, in this type, an extra spacer is attached under the metal dome contacts. Air paths which function like air holes in single-layer, helps provide good click-feeling when dome contacts are pressed. Besides this effect, air paths help reduce the potential risk for PET film being damaged by metal dome contacts’ burr and block dust coming into PET films. So, double layer metal dome array is composed of metal dome, spacer and mylar, see below diagram for better understanding.