Home appliances like Television, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner and Refrigerator are such most important appliances without which we cannot imagine living.  Refrigerator is probably the most hardworking appliance in our home which runs 24×7 all year long and safely stores juices, vegetables, chocolates, fruits, dairy products, water, leftovers, and more. Among us, no one wants their refrigerator to break down in the middle of these hot summers or in any season. Regular maintenance of your fridge will help your refrigerator run efficiently and increases its life span, but despite good maintenance sometimes some problems crops up in your fridge and generally it is related to freezer. If your food stales even after keeping it in the freezer for hours, or if your freezer is not cooling at all, you should call Refrigerator Technician In Patna

There are some common problems that often arise in freezer which we can fix at our own. We have listed down a few highlighting for which you need to call a technician and what you can fix by your own. 

Strange noise coming from the freezer: If an unusual loud noise is coming, it indicates that the evaporator fan motor needs replacement. If the fan blade is jammed or unable to rotate, it causes a strange noise. For this you need to contact Electrical Technician In Patna to check the fan motor.       

Freezer has stopped cooling: Check the cooling of the back wall of the freezer and check the evaporator fan is properly working. If you feel the air flowing from the vent, there is nothing to worry, but if does not, it indicates to call an expert to replace fan motor.

No lights in the freezer: It may be due to broken wires of indicator lights which can be fixed by its replacement, but if indicator light is fine, it means user control and display board needs to be replaced. 

Frost build up in the freezer: Check the gap between freezer and the door gasket. If it is okay, it may be due to malfunctioning of the defrost heater which can be diagnosed and resolved by an experts from Refrigerator Repair In Patna

Small problems culminate into larger one if not taken care of in timely fashion. Hence, if you encounter any issue with your refrigerator, do not ignore but get it addressed at your earliest to make your fridge running smoothly for long and serve you better.

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