To aid the Myreque, Shades of Mor'Ton. For this quest to RuneScape gold begin, speak with Florin in Burgh De Rott. Good morning (Player Name). It was nice to help Burgh De Rott. The place is still somewhat shabby. It's a shame that our walls are broken, our bridge is busted and we are without food.

Maybe I could help more, but I do know I was a good starting point for Myreque. It would be wonderful. First The Inn requires some attention. Go to the Inn and talk to the manager of the Inn. Hey there! (Player Name). What was it that brought you back to Burgh De Rott?" Florin suggested that I take care of the inn. What do I do? To put these old pumps in, we could use approximately 8 cups of asgardian ale.

Give the Innkeeper eight glasses of Asgardian Ale. Innkeeper: I'll fill it up. The pumps are pumped by Innkeeper. Innkeeper says, "Now the wall back here is all down on the ground." We'll need around 25 Planks to fix up the walls, as well as about 50 nails to keep up the wall.

It is possible to connect the nails, planks saw, hammer, and planks to the wall by having the planks, nails as well as saws and hammers in your inventory. Innkeeper, this wall appears much better. Now, I'll need an apron that's new. I'll need an apron with white stripes, molten glass, and glassblowing pipe. Visit the bank in Northeast, and take out all of that stuff. Go back to the Innkeeper, and give your items.

The walls at the base of Myreque remain a challenge. I'll require five planks and 25 steel nails to do this. The Innkeeper should be given the items he asked for. Innkeeper (OK okay, fine): This is the deal. The innkeeper will give you 500gp. Innkeeper: Speak to buy OSRS gold the man at the bank.