This was an idea I had tried to post on OSRS gold the official rs forums. However, as no one responded I decided to try posting it on sals. My first idea is:Zombie Wars.

This is a mini-game for runescape that allows you to transfer into another dimension. Everything is normal except for a few things: everything is dark, deserted with a mist floating over the entire area, all the villages are gone and there are Zombies everywhere.

The idea is that the evil forces have forced guthix and saradomin(and any gods who do not approve of zombies everywhere) out of Runescape, so now zamorak and other gods of evil have been in control, filling the world with zombies, skeletons, and numerous other evil monsters. In this minigame , you can only take on enemies, only other players. To allow teams to collaborate There is multi-combat all over the place.

There has to be a minimum of 40 players playing in any game. Each player is transported to a city, whether the varrock, lumbridge or seer's village. The players must all defend their city until they have defeated all the zombies, they'll be coming in waves, each getting harder, the last wave is wave 5, once they have defeated wave 5, they will be teleported by the spirit of dead warriors who died fighting zombies to falador, from where they will meet with teams from the other cities. The first task is to overcome "the Hive" that is a massive egg-like form that shoots horrendous gunk at players. Once they've defeated it, a giant boss zombie emerges from it. It starts at level 400, and grows to 20 levels for each player that is left in the game.

After you've defeated all boss zombies corrupt points are earned and can be used to earn rewards in the minigame. The rewards include the rod of Darkness, a magical staff that takes three quarters off your health and causes poisonous and 25-damage to anyone within five aquares of it (note that this can only be used only if you're fully healthy).

The Rod of Light, A magical staff that binds the target for five seconds and drains one-tenth of their health every second. It is then added to your hitpoints. It's too complicated, therefore I won't continue. Comment below, provide constructive criticism, and suggestions for how to implement this idea. Please let me know which areas you think should be changed or buy RS gold removed altogether. If you are satisfied with what you are seeing, consider supporting this idea! Thanks for taking your time to read all this.