China Wood Crusher Equipment factory Description: Wood chipper shredder is suitable for all kinds of old wood, templates, old furniture boards, plywood, plywood, wood processing plant scraps, branches, roots, and old materials such as wood can be crushed. The specific wood shredder model depends on the model. The output of your crushing is determined by the size of the crushed material. Technical parameters: Performance advantages: Wood chipper shredder Enlarge the feed opening, easy to feed large and small wood, and the scraps are not easy to eject, so you can safely discharge. Forced feeding roller at the feeding port, more peace of mind for operation and use Driven by multiple thick rubber belts, solid pulleys, strong transmission force, good crushing effect. The machine is equipped with a protective cover to ensure that it does not hurt people when working, and it is more safe to use. A standard and complete wood chipper shredder line should contains below processes: Wood chipper shredder integrates the pulverizing principles of various traditional pulverizers at home and abroad to innovate.聽 The pulverizer based on a traditional pulverizing principle is specialized in special and difficult crushing of light materials, fiber materials, brittle materials, and tough materials.聽 New type of powder milling equipment. The machine has fine production and high processing technology.聽 wood chipper shredderadopts a double-layer body, which has the functions of sound insulation and heat dissipation. Therefore, the machine has the characteristics of low noise, no vibration, and less dust in production and use. How to extend the service life of machine: 1. Reasonable matching of the production line The manufacturer designs the equipment used in the production line before the customers purchase the jaw crusher, which directly affects the working efficiency of the jaw crusher in the crushing site. So only reasonably designing the selection of each type of equipment can make the whole production line play a great benefit. 2. Quality of jaw crusher accessories Jaw crusher accessories usually refer to the wearing parts that need to be replaced at the later stage of purchasing a new jaw crusher. It directly affects the integrity and continuity of the jaw crusher operation. Whether the wearing parts are replaced in time is very important for the operation of the whole stone crushing production line. If it is not replaced in time, the production line will be directly closed and cause economic losses to customers. 3. After-sales response speed of manufacturers After-sales service response speed refers to the response time for manufacturers to solve their own product problems or help customers solve problems in time under the condition that customers are eligible for the manufacturer's warranty. The closure of the customer's production line will affect their economic interests. Therefore, it is important to choose manufacturers with solid technology and reliable after-sales service.China Wood Crusher Equipment factory website: