Chinese wine culture has a long history. Drinking at the right time is also a good communication etiquette. I think a lot of consumers only understand the characteristics of the wine, and ignore the process. The following is a 20L BRANDY "cut EQUIPMENT" manufacturer to explain to you the correct use of 20L BRANDY "cut EQUIPMENT" so that you can better understand them.

You can't make good wine without a fermenter. Therefore, in order to make good wine, one needs to be familiar with the proper use of 20L BRANDY DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT. When choosing a fermenter, you need to choose a good one. Otherwise, the product will be small and large, and the wine may be of poor quality. During the brewing process, the air pressure in the tank must meet the standard. Open the valve slowly when handling and carrying gas. It is difficult to control the right air pressure to prevent a sudden increase in pressure inside the equipment. In addition, during the fermentation process to ensure that the environment is clean, to prevent annoying substances affect the taste of the wine.

Design and manufacturing considerations for 20L BRANDY DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT

Wine has become an indispensable wine product in our daily life and is highly valued by consumers for its unique taste. 20L BRANDY DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT is a wine production EQUIPMENT, the requirement of 20L BRANDY DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT is also very high, So here are some considerations for the design and manufacture of 20L BRANDY DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT.

In the design and manufacture of 20L BRANDY DISTILLATION EQUIPMENT, in addition to strength, stiffness, stability, ease of operation, and ease of use like a typical container, the structural design and welding of dead ends should also take care to avoid angles and avoid these dead ends. Bacterial breeding ground forms. In addition, in the design and manufacturing process, attention should be paid to the upper and lower tank ring interface. The arc transition structure formed by rotation or molding must be adopted. The mold, tank bottom connecting hole, upper and lower water inlet hole and so on are flanged with the mold at the opening, forming a curved transition structure to prevent the occurrence of welding blind spots.

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