Customized UV Coating Machine Screen printing machine Product Information This UV screen printing machine prints with four-cylinder pressure, resulting in an even and clear printing effect. Simultaneously, it has a precision-guided belt that can not only drive printing with frequency conversion but also has high precision and smooth movement. The print head is moved in a straight line by the deceleration motor, which is quick and smooth. It also has the microprocessor failure area which is useful for future machine maintenance. Features This UV screen printing machine has the following features: 1) A good design for printing at a high speed and in a stable way. 2) Driven by a linear motor, which makes it simple to get the desired printing speed and effect. 3) There are three different types of models to choose from, each of which will meet the majority of your needs. 4) A wide range of paper thicknesses can be used, ranging from 100 to 350g/m2 5) High-precision, low-noise, wear-resistant, and precise positioning using a high-speed mute lead screw. Parameters ModelSHMFB-7050SHMFB-9060SHMFB-12080 Max Print Size700脳500mm900脳600mm1200脳800mm Max Screen Size1000脳700mm1200脳800mm1500脳1000mm Pallet Size900脳600mm1100脳700mm1300脳900mm Off-contact0-20mm0-20mm0-20mm Paper Thickness100-350g/m2100-350g/m2100-350g/m2 Print Motor1.5Kw1.5Kw1.5Kw Max Print Speed1000s/h900s/h800s/h Weight3000kg3500kg4100kg Total Power1.8kw2.8kw3.9kw Dimension1420脳1090脳1680mm1620脳1190脳1680mm1830脳1290脳1680mmCustomized UV Coating Machine website: